EOES 2021 Social Day (Wednesday)

Whole day team competition with mixed international teams

Social Day will be a team competition in a sense, through the Zoom platform of EOES.

You should sign up on this Google form.

The form contains some questions about what you would like to try out in Hungary if you were here. According to your interests, we will divide you into teams and these will compete with each other. During the time the focus will be on getting to know each other, solving problems and exercises togheter, and introduce our country in a funny and interesting way.

Note 1: As much as possible we will strive to mix different nations in a team, so please, do not copy your answers from each other! If you want to be together for some reason (e.g. you have just one device to join the event, you have afraid of language difficulties or whatever), you can write a comment at the end of this form, and we will consider that. Of course, the team leaders and organizers will help you if it is neccessary, or something is going wrong.

Note 2: The language of Social Day will be English, but basic communication skills and vocabulary will be enough to take part in it. If you are very afraid of language difficulties, please write to us a comment at the end of the form.


You can join to the event on this Zoom link.

The passcode is 299315.

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