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2023. szeptember 04.
3 perc

Boost your IT security skills at the University of Szeged!

We care about keeping your digital world safe and your data protected.

Let us be your guide through the USZ (University of Szeged) systems, so you can surf the web with confidence. Plus, we add some extra IT security know-how on top.

Our IT Security Training, brought to you by the IT and Services Directorate, will spill all the secrets about staying safe online while you study the University and beyond.

It's super easy and won't take more than 15 minutes to breeze through the online course. And guess what? After you're done, you can flex your new skills with a quick test.

But here's the best part: By completing this training and the quiz, you're in for a chance to win some epic prizes! We're talking 10 SZTE Welcome Camp 2023 festival passes and weekly University of Szeged merch boxes up for grabs!

Ready to dive in?

You can sign up for the training on the Modulo platform. Need the instructions on how to do that? Find the details here.

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How can you participate?

 You can enter the prize draw by signing up on Modulo and completing the IT Security at the University of Szeged training, as well as its closing test on Coospace. This automatically qualifies you as a participant in the prize draw.

What prizes can you win?

The main prize of the draw is 10 THE WELCOME CAMP festival passes, which will be drawn among 10 lucky participants.

• Additionally, you have a chance to win a USZ gift package every week!

• Winning a weekly prize does NOT exclude you from the main prize draw.The main prize of the draw is 10 THE WELCOME CAMP festival passes, which will be drawn among 10 lucky participants.

What should you know about the draw?

A University of Szeged gift package will be drawn every Thursday during the duration of the prize draw. It will be drawn from those who completed the IT Security at the University of Szeged training's closing test by 23:59 on the day before the weekly draw.

• You only need to complete the test once, and from then on, you participate in every weekly draw. The sooner you complete the test, the more weekly draws you can enter, but you can only win the weekly gift package once!

• Whether you win a weekly prize or not, you're still in for the main prize!

• The 10 main prizes will be drawn at once among 10 different participants on September 21, 2023.

How can you collect your prizes?

You can pick up your weekly prize in person at the IT and Services Directorate. We'll send you all the details via email.

• You can also collect the main prize in person, and you'll receive detailed instructions via email.

You can find the detailed rules of the prize draw here. 


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