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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Szeged - with 50 years of educational and R&D experience - offers an appealing MSc programme for international students, thanks to a highly qualified and acknowledged academic staff. With our well-equipped training rooms and laboratories, we ensure a perfect balance of theoretical and practical training based on extensive industrial relations. Our aim is to train high-skilled engineers, who speak foreign languages and are experts in their profession. For more information go to the Faculty's website.

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IMG_5260Programmes Available for International Students

A certified food science and technology engineer is skilled in the fields of production, technology, planning of operations, management of economic processes, development of products, quality assurance, tender-writing, and is capable of undertaking management tasks while taking into account technical and economic aspects. Food engineers are involved in the development of innovative applications in agricultural technology, biotechnology, and processing of raw food materials to produce healthy food products. Between the 2nd and the 3rd semester there is a vocational practice (4 weeks) at a multinational or a local company or in a food laboratory. For more information about the Programme please click here.

International Relations

The Faculty of Engineering has more than 50 Erasmus+ partner universities across Europe. We offer our students the opportunity to study abroad for 1-2 semesters, as well as 2-3 months internships. We are highly active in the CEEPUS mobility program. Every year 20-30 students take part in STE (short term excursion) visits in Central and Eastern European Countries for a few days, or even longer periods of time. Our academic personnel is also active in mobility programs in order to broaden their international experience, and we have research partners from all around the world.


Student Services of the Faculty

International students are provided with accommodation in dormitories in a suburban area of Szeged. International students have access to Central Europe’s biggest university library, the SZTE Klebelsberg Library, which is located in the Study and Information Centre (TIK) with nearly 3 million documents and an extensive range of online services.

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Faculty of Engineering UNIVERSITY OF SZEGED 2022-2023

How to Apply

Application Requirements in General

The process of Application at the University of Szeged happens via an online application platform called DreamApply. Learn about the application process in general here and about the specific requirements of the programme here.


The Faculty is part of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme. Erasmus+ funds are available for students according to the institutional contracts and rules. There are other governmental scholarship programmes such as the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People, Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship or the Visegrad Fund. The SZTE Start Scholarship a merit-based financial assistance to 12 SZTE students each year.

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