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  • How many teeth does a dentist pull out during a year?
  • How does one become an orthodontist?
  • What are the latest trends in dental implants?

The Faculty of Dentistry has the answers for you.

    About the Faculty

    The University of Szeged has an outstanding position among the best universities in the world. According to the QS Universities ranking list the University listed 510th place in 2021. The University and the Faculty of Dentistry provide high-quality learning environment for the students, with a great emphasis on practical teaching. The University applies the ECTS credit system which is used in the European Union and in many other countries.

    The Faculty of Dentistry is an exceptional centre for education, scientific work and patient care, located in the heart of the city of Szeged. The Faculty offers an EU-compatible educational program, in which the curriculum is harmonized with the European standards of training dental professionals. The program follows the guidelines of ADEE „Profile and Competences for the European Dentist”.

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    Avato The undivided master degree of dentistry in English language provides an undivided five-year (10 semesters) EU-compatible educational program designed in a modular fashion (basic, preclinical, clinical module).

    The five-year program is designed to unify the basic and clinical sciences. In the first two years, which is the basic module, students are taught basic sciences – medical and dental courses – which are the foundation of clinical dentistry. Students meet patients already in the summer practice after the first year, where they can observe treatments and help as dental assistants. Teaching of dental subjects starts already in the first year. Students have laboratory practices on manikins from the 2nd year to acquire the knowledge that is essential for the clinical practices. In the training laboratory they will learn about the dental materials and instruments and will acquire the various methods and manoeuvres on phantom heads. The preclinical module in the 3rd year prepares students for the clinical patient care by focusing on mastering the manual skills, that will be applied later on in the clinical module. After the third year more emphasis is placed on the study of dental diseases and their clinical treatment. The last two years – clinical module – serve the intensive clinical study of each of the various disciplines of dentistry, where students treat real patients under close supervision of their tutors. After a successful completion of the program students are awarded the title Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). For further information about the curriculum please check this website.

    Career opportunities

    A degree in dental medicine opens up a world of professional opportunities. Dentists enjoy excellent compensation and the high demand for dental care is likely to continue in the future. While the majority of dental school graduates go into private practice, there are alternate pathways, including working in hospital emergency rooms, conducting advanced laboratory research, teaching future dentists and more.


    Student Services of the Faculty

    Aside from attending lectures and laboratory classes, time outside the classroom offers a wide range of exciting events for the students. Dental students have been famous for their solidarity and jointly organized programs. Whether you wish to find fellow students in sports activities or in social life, the variety of programs will provide you with ample opportunity to meet them. The Foreign Students’ Support Assistant of the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Dentistry helps the foreign students with all their non-academic complaints, problems and concerns in everyday life, in order to help them managing their matters during their stay in Szeged.

    Student residence is provided to those international students who hold a governmental scholarship, such as the Stipendium Hungaricum. These dormitories also provide facilities for sports, cultural and other social events. Those who rent an apartment may use the online university database or the Facebook page for apartments to rent.

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    Faculty of Dentistry UNIVERSITY OF SZEGED 2022-2023

    How to Apply

    Application Requirements in General

    The process of Application at the University of Szeged happens via an online application platform called DreamApply. Learn about the application process in general here and about the specific requirements of the programme here.


    The Faculty is part of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme. Erasmus+ funds are available for students according to the institutional contracts and rules. There are other governmental scholarship programmes such as the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People. The SZTE Start Scholarship a merit-based financial assistance to 12 SZTE students each year.

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