Traumatology Lectures for 3rd year Physiotherapist students

Every Thursday from 16:00 - 19:00
New Clinic - Traumatology Department II. floor

2020. September 10 Dr. Körmöndi Sándor
First aid, Types of bleeding, Complete treatment of bleeding. The concept of shock and its treatment. Fluid and electrolyte therapy. Transfusion. Thermal injuries. Burn injuries. Electrical injuries. Cold injury.

2020. September 17 Dr. Süveges Gábor
History of surgery, and the development of Traumatology. The concept of injuries and classifications. Sharp mechanical injuries, Wound regeneration. Wound treatment. Mechanical blunt injuries. The principle of the AO foundation.

2020. September 24 Dr. Körmöndi Sándor
Bony fractures, dislocations: classifications, treatment, symptoms, surgical treatment and complications. Regeneration of fractures. Conservative therapy, surgical treatment, and complications of fractures. Prosthetics in Traumatology.

2020. October 01 Dr. Pintér Sándor
Injuries of the shoulder. Symptoms, surgical treatment, and complications of clavicular fractures and dislocations. Clinical symptoms and treatment, and complications of shoulder dislocations. Rotator cuff injuries. Principles and objective of physiotherapy.

2020. October 8 Dr. Körmöndi Sándor
Injuries of the Humerus distal ends, shoulder and lower arm.

2020. October 15 Dr. Pintér Sándor
Typical radial fractures. Fractures of the Scaphoid bone and pseudoarthrosis. Fractures and dislocation and Carpal bones. The principles and methods of surgical and physiotherapeutical treatment of the Carpal bones. Metacarpals; fractures of the finger; surgical and physiotherapeutical treatment.

2020. October 22 Dr. Pintér Sándor
Injuries of flexor and extensor tendons; Methods of surgical injuries. The principle of Kleiner’s method of physiotherapy. Complications. Methods of physiotherapy post-operative treatment. Injuries of peripheral nerves, the process of nerve regeneration. Injuries, treatment and physiotherapy and electrical treatment of the nerves of the upper limb. Treatment and physiotherapy for injuries of the Brachial plexus.

2020. October 29 Dr. Körmöndi Sándor v. Dr. Süveges Gábor
The pathomechanisms, clinical symptoms, surgical treatments of Femoral neck fractures. Principles, methods and difficulties, and the follow up of Femoral neck fracture. Complications of Complications of Femoral neck fractures. Principles of primary and secondary prosthetic implantation.
Surgical treatment and followup of intertrochanteric fractures and subtrochanteric fractures.
Surgical treatment of Femoral shaft fractures and the method of physiotherapy. Formation, clinical symptoms, surgical treatment and follow up of Supracondylar fractures. Treatment of patellar fractures.

2020. November 05 Dr. Pintér Sándor
The pathomechanism, clinical symptoms, surgical treatment of leg fractures. Physiotherapy of leg fractures. Surgical treatment of open leg fractures. Possibilities and methods of physiotherapy. Formation and treatment of complications of leg fractures.
Pilon fractures. The pathomechanism, clinical symptoms, surgical treatment of ankle fractures. Methods of follow ups. Ligament injuries. Treatment and followup of Achilles tendon ruptures. Treatment of Talus, Calcaneus, Metatarsus and foot injuries,

2020. November 12 Dr. Török László
Injuries of the meniscus. The pathomechanism, clinical symptoms, and the surgical treatment. Luxation of the patella. Principles of the Cruciate ligament injuries and its clinical symptoms. Methods of surgical therapy and complex physiotherapy. Classification and symptoms of the fractures of the Tibial head. The surgical and physiotherapeutical treatments.

2020. November 19 Dr. Süveges Gábor
Pediatric trauma. Geriatric trauma. Trauma during pregnancy. Sport related trauma.
Abdominal injuries. Blunt abdominal injuries. Penetrating abdominal injuries. Parenchymal and intra-abdominal organ injuries. The protocol and principles of treatment of abdominal injuries.

2020. November 26 Dr. Csonka Ákos, Dr. Kószó Balázs
Diagnostic, treatment and follow-up of spinal injuries. Diagnostics of spinal cord injuries, and the methods and possibilities of physiotherapy.

2020. December 3 Prof. Dr. Varga Endre
The composition of polytrauma. Treatment of polytraumatized patients.
Thoracic trauma. Trauma of the chest walls. Costal fractures. Pneumothorax. Haemothorax. High energy chest trauma; compression and deceleration diagnostics and treatment. Penetrating chest injuries.

2020. December 10. Prof. Dr. Varga Endre
Pelvic fractures; clinical symptoms, classification and surgical therapy. Principles of follow-up. The diagnostics, treatment, and physiotherapy of urogenital injuries. Forms and treatment of acetabular fractures. Treatment of luxation of hip dislocations.