Full-time Study Programmes

Bachelor's Programmes

Bachelor's Programmes

2016. March 08.
1 perc
  • Arts

Music and Performing Arts (BA)

  • Humanities

English and American Studies (BA)

French Studies (in French) (BA)

Spanish Studies (in Spanish) (BA)

German Studies (in German) (BA)

Italian Studies (in Italian) (BA)

  • Management and Administration

Business Administration and Management (BSc)

Tourism and Catering (BSc)

  • Agriculture & Engineering

Agricultural Engineering (BSc)

Biochemical Engineer (BSc)

  • Information & Communication Technologies

Computer Science Engineering (BSc) - available for institutional partners only

  • Health

Nurse (BSc)

Physiotherapist (BSc)

    We would like to draw to your attention that the application fee and the entrance examination fee are non-refundable fees.