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EUGLOH_logo_white European University Alliance for Global Health


The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) brings together five universities from across Europe. Combining their outstanding expertise in Global Health, EUGLOH aims to build a European University in the future including joint training programs, research activities and campus life.

EUGLOH is not physically located in one place but it is a cooperation between universities in Paris, France (Université Paris-Saclay), Lund, Sweden (Lund University), Munich, Germany (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Porto, Portugal (Universidade do Porto) and Szeged, Hungary (University of Szeged).

EUGLOH’s visions and objectives are:EUGLOH_partners

  • Training the future generations of European innovators, practitioners, experts and leaders serving all sectors of the society, ready to face interdisciplinary societal challenges related to Global Health
  • Becoming a world-class higher education alliance focused on Global Health and well-being challenges
  • Promoting European values, such as solidarity, equality of opportunities, inclusiveness, respect for human rights and full access to welfare
  • Setting the foundation of a common European health area
  • Building a European campus with a high level of integration sustained by joint procedures and structures
  • Boosting attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education, research and innovation

For more information, visit EUGLOH’s website.

EUGLOH Partner Universities

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) brings together five universities from across Europe.
Combining their outstanding expertise in Global Health, EUGLOH will build the European University of the future.

The unique network is characterised by:

  • Long-lasting collaboration in higher education and research
  • Extensive expertise in a variety of fields related to Global Health
  • Unique set of large-scale infrastructures
  • Strong research and socio-economic ecosystems
  • Broad geographic and cultural diversity

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Operation & Work Packages of EUGLOH

The tremendous workload of EUGLOH is divided into 6 Working Groups (Work Packages).

EUGLOH’s governance ensures cooperation across various levels of the organization. Each university is leading one work package on a specific topic (except for Paris-Saclay who are also overseeing the overall management of the project and thus lead two). While a team of project managers at each university is taking care of the harmonization of activities across partners, a Student Board is making sure to incorporate the student perspective and an Advisory Board provides external recommendations. In the Governing Board, the presidents and rectors of the member universities are represented to take the overall decisions while the vice-rectors and vice-presidents assemble in the Executive Board alongside academic and administrative staff to define the strategy and ensure implementation of the work packages.


Events and Mobility


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Based on their complementary expertise and outstanding research resources in Global Health, the five universities united in EUGLOH are driven by the common goal to offer excellent education and training to future generations of European leaders, innovators, experts and practitioners.

To this end, EUGLOH sets up a broad range of different study and mobility programmes catering to the individual needs and interests of their students and staff.

There's a contsant offer of various courses, events, mobilities and programmes available for students of various levels in all EUGLOH partner universities.

Browse the upcoming events on EUGLOH's website.

Student Board

Students play an important role in the life of EUGLOH. Besides being its target audience, the students are also a part of EUGLOH's governance.The Student Board is one of EUGLOH's key bodies which fully consists of students. Each workpackage benefits from the presence of their dedicated students, who are active participants at each meeting and represent the view and opinion of students in general. The EUGLOH Student Board holds regular meetings to assess and discuss ongoing topics in each EUGLOH Work Package.

Meet the Student Board members of the University of Szeged:


Marketing MSc – Faculty of Economics and Budiness Administration



Marketing MSc – Faculty of Economics and Budiness Administration



Theoretical Medicine PhD – Doctoral School of Theoretical Medicine



International Studies BSc - Faculty of Law and Political Sciences



Law MSc - Faculty of Law and Political Sciences



Agricultural Engineering BSc – Faculty of Agriculture



Law and Political Science PhD - Faculty of Law and Political Sciences


Addressing Global Health challenges, such as the current pandemic, requires coordinated efforts based on robust collaboration and grounded common purposes. Following this premise, the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) has already set a prosperous precedent in establishing a network focused on education and training in Global Health at European level. The Alliance has also provided fertile ground for the formulation of further joint endeavours in the broad spectrum of Global Health topics and issues, ground from which EUGLOHRIA has emerged.

Financed by the European Commission for the next three years under the "Science with and for Society" call within the Horizon 2020 Program, EUGLOHRIA will consolidate the Alliance's efforts and achievements towards establishing a European University around Global Health by broadening its scope to include the "Research and Innovation" dimension. Building upon EUGLOH's accomplishments in education and training on Global Health, EUGLOHRIA will broadly expand EUGLOH's reach, incorporating cutting-edge research and situating the Alliance as a strategic partner within highly dynamic innovation ecosystems.

EUGLOHRIA aims to establish a world-class higher education, research, and innovation alliance to address current adequately and future Global Health challenges. EUGLOHRIA_logo
EUGLOHRIA pursues following objectives:
  • Consolidate synergies within EUGLOH's joint strategy by developing a Research and Innovation agenda.
  • Enhance the excellence and visibility of the Alliance across the different dimensions of education, research, innovation and societal development.
  • Pave the way to develop an innovative agenda of institutional transformation aiming to impact future similar cross-sectoral endeavours.
  • Contribute to securing the influence and significance of the Alliance's long-term plan to set the foundation of a common European health area.
  • Contribute to tackling Global Health challenges generating adequate conditions for the sustainable development of the "Research and Innovation" dimension.
  • Provide best practice models of transnational and cross-sectoral institutional cooperation for future European programs and projects.


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union