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International Relations of the University of Szeged

International Relations of the University of Szeged

2015. January 29.
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One of the strategic priorities of the University of Szeged is the internationalisation of its higher education structure. The three international offices of the Directorate for International & Public Relations work to promote student and faculty mobility and to deepen and expand international cooperation in the fields of education-research-innovation.

Extensive inter-university international relations contribute to improving the quality of education, broadening the outlook of academia and successful preparing students for the labour market. SZTE provides a multicultural environment for all of its students through various mobility and scholarship schemes, and also cultural and language programmes. Many of its lecturers have international experience, which they use in both education and research.

The international reputation of SZTE is proven by the fact that the number of international students studying at SZTE is increasing year by year as well as the number of its bilateral international inter-university collaborations, and also the university is highly ranked in international higher education rankings. The University of Szeged has been an active member of the international higher education system since the 1980s, and its place in this framework is becoming more and more important every year.


The Duties of the Directorate for International & Public Relations

The Office for International Cooperation and Admission

• Inter-university agreements

In order to support international student, staff and academic mobility, and also academic, research and education cooperation, the University of Szeged maintains fruitful collaborations with more than 150 highly-ranked higher education institutions in 55 countries from all over the world. List of inter-university agreements.

• Recruiting for international degree programmes

The team of the Office for International Cooperation and Admission actively recruits foreign students for the SZTE’s more than 70 international full-time degree programmes.

• Participation in international initiatives: EUGLOH, SGroup.

International Mobility Centre

  • Erasmus+
    Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The University has 1140 Erasmus+ bilateral agreements with 551 partner universities in 31 countries.
  • Campus Mundi
    Supported by the CAMPUS Hungary Programme established by the government of Hungary, 1350 university members and more than 1000 of our students applied successfully for study trips between 2012 and 2015. Between 2016 and 2021 a programme called Campus Mundi will support short term exchange study programmes.
    The Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies is available since 1994. SZTE has been achieving common curriculum development, organizing student mobility and summer schools with 104 partner universities in 17 networks.

Office for International Programmes


Service Units

  • American Corner
    The American Corner opened its doors in Szeged in 2018, making it the latest addition to the Corners in Hungary and it is part of the international American Spaces network. It has been established by an agreement between the U.S. Embassy in Hungary, the University of Szeged and Szeged city. The American Corner in Szeged offers a variety of programmes aiming personal and professional skill development, improving English and exchanging ideas.
  • Confucius Institute
    Evidence of the strengthening of our wide relationships is exemplified by the fact that the Confucius Institute opened its doors in Szeged in 2012 with the cooperation of Shanghai International Studies University supported by the Chinese Language Education Council. Those interested can learn Chinese at the Institute with the help of qualified Chinese teachers who lay special emphasis on the presentation of Chinese culture.
  • Francophone University Centre
    A Francophone University Centre has recently been established at the University of Szeged and French courses have been accredited among the wide range of other courses.