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Mission Statement of the University of Szeged

Mission Statement of the University of Szeged

2015. February 16.
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The University of Szeged is a prestigious higher education institution in Hungary with rich tradition, committed to quality education on all levels including Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral programmes, higher-level vocational and postgraduate specialist trainings, to basic and applied research and development, the fine and performing arts, as well as to quality health care, social responsibility, and the development of entrepreneurship.

In line with its tradition, education at the University of Szeged ensures the unity of high-level theoretical foundation and practice, the latter based also on external partnerships. The University is committed to the continuous improvement of the content of education, both in multilevel and multilingual education, in line with scientific progress, the development of information technologies and the needs of society.


The purpose of the University of Szeged is to issue quality degrees meeting labour market demands and to make sure that its graduate students would be sought-after by both national and international employers. The University provides educational conditions leading to highly prestigious degrees, which at the same time promote the academic development of its students. The Institution plays an important role in the organization of students’ lives by providing opportunities that promote their intellectual development and the maintenance of equal opportunities among them.


The University of Szeged’s mission and goal is to cultivate science, to conduct internationally competitive research, and to ensure its position as a research university. Its research and creative activities, as part of international and domestic programmes, include basic and applied research, artistic creation, as well as product and service development. The social and economic exploitation of the University’s research results, supported by innovative solutions, contributes to the Institution’s role as a knowledge-intensive engine in the innovation ecosystem and in regional economic development.


The University of Szeged, setting an example itself in social responsibility, as one of the largest organisations of the Southern Great Plain Region, feels a special responsibility to take an active role in shaping the social, economic and cultural development of the region, to promote health prevention and improve the quality of live through excellent medical work, as well as to show solidarity towards local actors and people living here through its charitable activities. The Institution also sees the development and promotion of entrepreneurship as a horizontal objective, both among its own citizens and in its immediate and wider environment. Through all these activities, the University of Szeged strives to gain the recognition and support of the local society and the wider public.