What is Coursera for SZTE?

Coursera is the world’s biggest online educational platform where the best universities – among them, for example, Yale University or the University of Michigan as well as companies such as Google and IBM – offer nearly 4,000 courses in 19 languages. As a result of the cooperation agreement between Coursera and the University of Szeged, university students in Szeged will have free-of-charge access to these course materials and the certificates proving completion.


Coursera developed its Coursera for Campus program in 2019 with the aim of providing learning material for university instructors and students in 11 academic fields.


Coursera courses consist of smaller units, so-called ‘weeks’, where both video and text-based materials can be found. Apart from practice tasks, materials also include peer evaluation tasks (with students on the course evaluating each other’s work according to given criteria) and forums.


Coursera for SZTE is a passport to knowledge, which is now accessible to both instructors and students of the university.


Knowledge is unlimited, as are the opportunities to use it.


Coursera lessons can be completed individually as the short video lessons, readings and practice tests are assembled in a way that their content can be accessed any number of times before the online exam that completes the course.


Coursera will provide certificates about the completion of the courses and informs the university about their completion, which can be endorsed with credit transfer at the University of Szeged.


Coursera content can be integrated fully or partly into the courses offered by the University of Szeged with the help of, for example, a video or a practice test.


Here you can watch a short video about the Coursera for Campus program:

The Coursera for SZTE program is accessible at the following link: