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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 EUGLOH Photo Contest!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 EUGLOH Photo Contest!

2024. February 07.
2 perc
Similar to each year, the EUGLOH Alliance announces student contests during the academic year to boost student’s involvement and emphasize their importance and impact for the European Alliance for Global Health.

In October of 2023, a Photo Contest was launched for the students under the theme “My campus with a thousand faces” where students from all the 9 member universities of the EUGLOH Alliance were encouraged to capture moments of tranquillity and relaxation on campus and submit it for the contest to win a chance to travel to Szeged and participate in a photo course.

For detailed information on the contest, click here.

In total, 24 applications were received for the contest providing a glimpse into the vibrant campus life across the alliance. The submitted photos were displayed anonymously to the photo contest jury. Three winners were chosen by a jury composed from delegated members from the 9 institutions.


We are happy to announce that our 3 winners of the contest are as below:


By Paul Feuerböther, Universität Hamburg (UHH)


By Paloma Rodríguez Martínez, University of Alcala´ (UAH)


By Joana Jesus, University of Porto (UPorto)

We congratulate all the winners of the competition and we hope that all the participating students enjoyed the contest just as much as the jury enjoyed viewing the submitted photos!

The three winners of the competition will be rewarded with a travel to Szeged in June of 2024 to participate in a photo course fully funded by EUGLOH.