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Open a Bank Account

Opening a bank account made easy

Hungarian Governmental Scholarship (such as Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People, Hungarian DIASPORA Scholarship, SZTE Start Scholarship) holders have to open a bank account. Here we collected some useful information about the process.

Hungarian banks provide a comprehensive range of banking services, including account management, currency exchange, pension funds, insurance and mortgages.

Usual costs of opening an account include:

  • Opening fee
  • Bank card fee
  • Account management services

Documents needed to open a bank account:

  • In most cases, it is necessary to have a proof of your residence in Hungary (valid residence permit and address card or accommodation reporting form) in order to open a bank account.
  • Some banks allow foreigners to open an account with just the presentation of a passport.
  • Your Tax ID number might also be necessary (at OTP).

For different currencies, it is necessary to open a separate account. In case you are wondering about which bank you should choose, you might opt for OTP and MKB, since SZTE has a special agreement with them. Find the list of banks in Szeged here.

Once you have your Hungarian bank account number confirmed by a bank make sure to register it at the Student Service Office (HSZI at TIK, also called the library).