SZTE Start Scholarship 2023

SZTE Start Scholarship 2023

2020. January 15.
1 perc
Do you plan to start your studies in September 2022 at the SZTE? Do you need financial aid to get started? Apply for Start Scholarship 2023.

We definitely award outstanding students who submitted their application by 30th of April 2023, have been admitted and enrolled to the University of Szeged by 6th September 2023.

SZTE Start Scholarship
A one time 500 EUR contribution to the start of your studies at the University of Szeged in one instalment.

Who can apply:

  • Applicants who submitted their application dossier by 30th of April 2023 and admitted to the Academic Year 2023/24 of University of Szeged.

How to apply:

  • apply through DreamApply
  • please upload the following documents: a one-page long CV, a one-page long Reference Letter (written by your professor, employer etc.) explaining why you are an excellent candidate for this scholarship.

Please Note:

Based on the decision of the Committee, applicants can be awarded the SZTE Start Scholarship in case their application status is ‘Place reserved’ in the application platform of the University (meaning that they are accepted to the programme, paid the tuition fee indicated by the relevant payment notification), and they are enrolled to the University in person by 6th September 2023.