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University of Szeged 2024 Online Open Day

University of Szeged 2024 Online Open Day

2024. March 27.
2 perc

2024 online open day for international students.

Welcome to our upcoming Online Open Day tailored especially for international students! We are thrilled to invite you to explore the endless opportunities awaiting you at the University of Szeged. Whether you are seeking top-tier education, vibrant campus life, or a supportive community, our institution is dedicated to nurturing your academic and personal growth.

Your Gateway to Knowledge.

At our Online Open Day, you'll embark on a journey of discovery as you learn about the diverse range of programs and courses available to international students. From engineering to business, humanities to sciences, our institution offers a myriad of academic pathways tailored to your interests and ambitions. Faculty representatives will be on hand to provide insights into each program, discuss curriculum highlights, and answer any questions you may have about your academic journey.


Engage with Our International Students Community:

One of the hallmarks of studying abroad is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant and diverse community. During our Online Open Day, you will have the chance to connect with current international students who are eager to share their experiences, insights, and tips for thriving in a new environment. Whether you are curious about campus life, student organizations, or cultural events, our students will be there to offer guidance and support.

Preliminary program

13:00-13:10 Introduction of the University of Szeged

13:10-13:20 Coursera

13:20-13:30 Icebreaker Quiz

13:30 – 15:00 Faculty & program introduction with representatives and students

Join us via Zoom on the 18th of April for an immersive virtual experience where you'll have the chance to interact with faculty representatives, current students, and explore everything our institution has to offer.

Registration is mandatory and can be accessed here.

For more information visit our prospective students page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us: