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SZTE Biobank and Centre for Functional Cell Biology and Immunology among the most outstanding research sites of EUGLOH - with video

SZTE Biobank and Centre for Functional Cell Biology and Immunology among the most outstanding research sites of EUGLOH - with video

2024. February 14.
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EUGLOH (European University Alliance for Global Health) – including the research-focused EUGLOHria – presents a virtual tour of the most outstanding research infrastructures of the nine universities. The Biobank and the Centre for Functional Cell Biology and Immunology of the University of Szeged are also part of the exclusive selection. To get a more complete picture of the Biobank, an interview was conducted with Dr Zoltán Veréb, head of the world-class facility.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) is a strategic alliance between the University of Szeged, Université Paris-Saclay, University of Lund, University of Porto and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, which was joined in 2023 by the University of Alcalá, UiT The Arctic University of Norway , the University of Novi Sad and the University of Hamburg (UHH). The network, now made up of nine institutions, works together to find scientific answers to the challenges of biomedicine, life sciences and social sciences in the areas of well-being and public health. Within the alliance, EUGLOHria is a separate entity that focuses specifically on research and innovation and seeks to promote it.

As part of its communication strategy, the organisation has launched a series showcasing the best cutting-edge research and teaching facilities at each university. Two facilities per university have been included in the exclusive list. For the University of Szeged, one base is SZTE Biobank and the other is the Centre for Functional Cell Biology and Immunology, jointly operated with HCEMM. The EUGLOHRIA virtual tours aim to present and promote the EUGLOH research infrastructure to students and researchers in an interactive and innovative way. Using special techniques and tools, the presentations provide a 360° view. They also include basic data, parameters and uses of the research sites, providing a unique insight to the public.

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Find the the virtual presentation of the two research sites at EUGLOHRIA website. 

The staff of the Directorate of International and Public Relations also conducted an interview in English with the Director of the SZTE Biobank, Dr Zoltán Veréb, to give a more complete picture of this unique research site. The interview can be viewed on the SZTE Youtube channel by clicking on the image below:

The campaign also aims to raise interest in science among the younger generation. As with the EUGLOH virtual tours concept, the Euglohria Talks platform will showcase outstanding researchers and their research. More information on the University of Szeged experts featured in this series will be available soon on our website.


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Photo: István Sahin-Tóth