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Coursera for SZTE website renewed

Coursera for SZTE website renewed

2024. February 15.
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Coursera for SZTE's renewed website awaits visitors with a modern, clean style and weekly updated content.

Everything in one place for lovers of online learning

Access to the Coursera for SZTE program is now easier thanks to the renewed website. The newly redesigned website has returned with a more navigable, user-friendly interface for those interested in the Coursera for SZTE program, where visitors can find all the important information, from the additional institutional points that can be obtained by completing a Coursera course during the admission process, to the possibility for students to obtain credits, all information in both Hungarian and English.

The renewal of the website was carried out as a joint project of the Directorate for Academic Affairs and the IT Services Directorate of SZTE. The goal of the development was for the website to provide a bridge between users and the program as a coherent, easily navigable interface. Thanks to the modern appearance, the site has received a fresh, youthful image, where visitors can find out all important information firsthand.

Always up-to-date

The page welcomes visitors with weekly updated blog posts, event and course recommendations, interesting interviews, and reports from students sharing their experiences. If someone is looking for inspiration to take new courses or wants to learn more about why the Coursera for SZTE program is a good option for both students and lecturers, the blog will be a useful source of information.

In addition to blog posts and news, the content includes general information and detailed FAQs. With the lecturers in mind as well, a mini knowledge base was created where university professors can find out about the processes and interfaces related to the creation of courses on the Coursera for SZTE interface.

Always timely

Coursera is the world's largest online education platform, where the best universities - including Yale, and the University of Michigan, and the world's leading companies such as Google and IBM - offer more than 8,000 courses in 19 languages. As a result of the cooperation between Coursera and the University of Szeged, Szeged students can access these course materials and a certificate certifying course completion for free.

Coursera's courses consist of smaller units, "weeks", offering both video and text teaching materials. In addition to practical tasks, peer evaluation tasks (students of the course evaluate each other's work based on specified criteria) and forums also belong to the curriculum. With the course materials, each student can progress at his own pace, with the intensity that his free time allows.

Coursera for SZTE is now available with a user interface in Hungarian, and Szeged students can complete more than 2,500 courses in their native language. To obtain extra credits, students only need a Neptun code, which they can use to log in to the interface.

You can find information about the Coursera for SZTE program at this link: