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EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshop Series 2023

EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshop Series 2023

2023. June 08.
2 perc

The European Alliance for Global Health - Transformation through Joint Research and Innovation Action (EUGLOHRIA) and the Munich Science Communication Lab invite researchers and PhD students to participate in the EUGLOHRIA Science Communication Workshops Series 2023.

This interactive and hybrid workshop series aims at equipping researchers with captivating tools to communicate their work and engage broader audiences.

Given our current complex global challenges, science communication is becoming increasingly important. The Science Communication Workshop in the Science Communication Lab (SCL) of the Deutsches Museum provides theoretical principles of science communication and practical skills that help scientists and students translate their research topic into new communication formats and thus make it accessible to a broader public.

Participants will directly apply what they have learned in small exercises during the workshop and undergo a rapid prototyping phase in small groups at the end of the workshop.

As a possible next step, participants will have the opportunity to use the SCL as a communication forum and present their research in an experimental setting to a wider audience in the future.

The first hybrid workshop of this series took place on 27 March, followed by a workshop on 11 May and the third and fourth sessions will take place on the 29th of June and October.

A participation link will be sent after registration. The sessions are not over-lapping so it is possible to register for the upcoming sessions or only one workshop even if you have missed the previous workshops.

For more information and registration, please visit: