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Educational Sciences and Teacher Training: SZTE is the Best in Hungary according to the latest THE rankings

Educational Sciences and Teacher Training: SZTE is the Best in Hungary according to the latest THE rankings

2023. November 06.
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The University of Szeged is still among the best universities in the world in the Times Higher Education rankings. Based on the latest evaluations, SZTE ranked first in Hungary this year on the list of excellence in educational sciences, pedagogy, and teacher training. In addition, it has been ranked in the field of economic sciences, while it continues to occupy good positions in the fields of humanities and arts, health sciences, psychology, life sciences, physical sciences, and computer science.

The Times Higher Education (THE) subject rankings, published on October 26, 2023, were compiled based on criteria similar to the overall world rankings. Following last year's methodological refinements, this year instead of 13, the institutions were evaluated along 16 indicators, according to five main categories. The performance of higher education institutions was measured based on the educational and research environment, the quality of research (including, for example, the impact of research, the citation of scientific publications), knowledge transfer indicators (industry revenues, number of patents), and international orientation, with different weightings for each discipline.

When compiling the newly published subject rankings, as in previous years, THE published its assessment in 11 fields, of which the University of Szeged is already included in eight lists of excellence:

This year, SZTE was included in the Education list for the first time: it ranked 501-600 in the world and ranked first in Hungary.

In the Clinical and Health ranking, the University of Szeged moved up one category compared to last year: it ranks 501-600. The ranking is compiled based on the evaluation of scientific and training activities in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other health sciences.

In the field of Arts and Humanities, SZTE was ranked 501-600 in the world. The list evaluates institutional performance in the fields of literature, history, linguistics, foreign languages and cultures, philosophy, and visual and performing arts, among others.

The Psychology rankings evaluate institutions conducting internationally relevant work in psychology and its applied fields (clinical, sports, etc.), the University of Szeged is ranked 501-600 here.

SZTE is ranked 601-800 among the world's top higher education institutions in the Life Sciences list. When compiling the list, scientific and educational work in the fields of agriculture, biology, and sports science, among others, was evaluated.

In the field of Physical Sciences, THE ranking takes into account the results of the disciplines of mathematics and statistics, chemistry, physics and astronomy, geography, and earth sciences. In this list, the University of Szeged was ranked 801-1000 this year.

In the field of Computer Science, the ranking takes into account the results of IT sciences and border disciplines, here the SZTE is ranked at 801-1000 place.

The University of Szeged is included in the Business and Economics ranking, which evaluates performance in business and management, finance and accounting, as well as other related fields, for the first time this year, and was ranked 801+.


Featured image: Ádám Kovács-Jerney