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Katalin Kariko's First Statement to SZTE about her TIME Headline

Katalin Kariko's First Statement to SZTE about her TIME Headline

2021. December 15.
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Katalin Karikó, Research Professor at the University of Szeged, was on the cover of TIME, along with Drew Weissman, Kizzmekia Corbett and Barney Graham. The researchers have been named "Heroes of 2021" by the magazine for their contribution to the development of mRNA-based vaccines against coronavirus. The honorary doctor of the University of Szeged shared her first thoughts regarding the recognition to her alma mater.

The article in TIME magazine began by telling the story of how Katalin Karikó first heard about the medical applications of mRNA at the University of Szeged, and then in 1997 she and Drew Weissman continued to work on vaccine development at the University of Pennsylvania.

"This recognition is a success for science and all the researchers involved, not just the ones who are now making headlines. For me, the greatest recognition was the letter I received from a nursing home where everyone had been vaccinated during the outbreak and no one had died and they thanked me." Said Katalin Karikó in her first response to SZTE regarding her TIME headline.

The TIME article, which includes a portrait of the researchers is available here.

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