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The University of Szeged is Among the Best 250 Universities on THE Emerging Economies

The list of Times Higher Education Emerging Economies has recently been released and the University of Szeged was highly ranked between the 201-250th place.

The ranking evaluated 553 universities in 2020, adding over 100 universities to the total assessed institutions. The University of Szeged was ranked between the 201-250thplace. Indicators of teaching (learning environment), research (volume, income and reputation), citations and international outlook as well as knowledge transfer were taken into consideration. 8 Hungarian universities were ranked on the list and the University of Szeged was ranked the 4th best out of them.

The ranking of Times Higher Education Emerging Economies is led by Chinese universities: Tsinghuna University, Peking University and Zhejiang University were ranked among the best. In 2020, higher education institutions of Saudi Arabia and Iceland were also featured. The ranking published on the 18th of February 2020 is available here.

SZTE Experience

Christopher_SolamanChristopher Solaman - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - German Studies

The Student life here is buzzing with hundreds of international students from all around the world. What I love in here is that you bump into students everywhere, from both Hungary and all around the world, and that despite our differences we are kinda accepted in town. I looked University of Szeged up on the internet and, when I saw that this was called the city of sunshine, it became clear in my mind that it would be the place, where I wanted to be as an Erasmus student. Szeged was far beyond my expectations, and I am glad to be able to admire the beauty of this city. The nature itself has the power to calm me down, so the Botanic Garden of the University is a special place to me.

PhuongPhuong Thu Tran - Faculty of Economics - Business Administration and Management

I live in Budapest, and I commute by train to Szeged every day. It’s not a huge distance for me, I got used to travelling back home. I study, watch the scenery or the people. Once I lost my wallet, and everyone around me tried to help. One of them offered to give me some money, another one offered to take me where I had to go. I love Szeged, Hungarians and nice, and I like the cuisine, though the spicy food is not spicy enough for my taste. I’m very happy to study here. At the Faculty of Economics, the program is practice-oriented, we get a lot of useful information and a lot of opportunities are offered by our professors.