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The Francophone University Center Marks Its Five-Year Anniversary

The world’s 275 million French speaker celebrate the International Francophonie Day on the 20th of March, which is also the anniversary of the foundation of the predecessor of Francophonie and the day of the signature of Niamey Convention in 1970.

Along with the experience of unity, diversity of culture, the importance of dialogue and freedom, the ideals of equality are among the values of the University of Szeged and its main goals for internationalization and international opening, moreover they are also worthy values for the everyday life.

Founded five years ago in the autumn of 2013, the Francophone University Center displays and nurses everyday life values, as well as in such special celebrations as the ever-expanding community and the values it carries, which also plays a decisive role in the work of university excellence. The University of Szeged is proud to have an internationally acclaimed position at the French-language institutions in fields of research and education during the past hundred years.

Thanks to acknowledged scientists (Mr. Béla Zolnay, Mr. Géza Bárczy, Mr. Géza Birkás, Mr. Ferenc Bakos, Mr. Jenő Koltay-Kasner, Mr. Samu Szádeczky-Kardoss, Mr. Tibor Wittman, Mr. István Bibó, Mr. János Martonyi, Mr. László Buza, Mr. Károly Nagy and Mr. István Kovács) who have contributed to the nurturing and survival of the University's Francophonian tradition, primarily in the human and social sciences field, and thanks to the continuous education and activitites in French at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences for 25 years today. At the moment, there are 105 Hungarian and international students continuing their studies in French at the abovementioned faculties.

‘France has provided the world with a language of excellence for universal thinking’ said De Gaulle. The French language has indeed preserved the character of the international language, while the number of everyday users is constantly expanding mainly in Africa, while the language of universal thought has also remained. It carries the foundations of the European culture and its specific perception through its Latin roots, making it accessible to the world and enriching the idea of freedom and critical thinking in it. So learning and working in French means using a language tool that carries the spirit of freedom and the values of the European spirit at the same time in thinking, especially in a university environment that is both a value guard and open to the world.

The Francophone University Center, as a central unit of the University, displays and nurtures international relations in French, contributes to the success of research and educational work, and develops and implements pioneering plans along the values ​​of the Francophony to achieve an even higher degree of university excellence. Not only are French-language universities, international and governmental organizations (more than one hundred cooperating universities, Francophone University Agency, Franconia International Organization, French-speaking embassies, bodies responsible for higher education) responsible for cooperation, but thanks to these collaborations, the University is renowned for its international recognition. It also contributes to the scientific conferences and publications it organizes, as well as through training in international cooperation.

Yes, in French, yes, in Szeged - and not only on the 20th of March!

SZTE Experience

93292160_608489396406408_4799535565693255680_oOlney Rodrigues - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

My name is Olney Rodrigues de Oliveira and I am from Brazil. I am currently pursuing my PhD studies in the Doctoral School of Education at SZTE. I chose the University of Szeged because it’s one of the best universities in Europe, especially in the field of education. I personally love Szeged because it is safe and I love the architecture, the cultural events, the local Market Mars Tér and so many other beautiful destinations. For my studies I wanted to have an excellent university in a good quality life city and Szeged offers me that. It’s neither too big nor too small, I can ride my bike to go to my classes and practically everything is within a walking distance. I would advise the prospective students to enjoy the city during their stay, the cultural and historical events, know other international students and make a lot of friends, visit other cities in Hungary and make good memories. I am pretty sure that you will be proud of this priceless experience. Before coming to Hungary I worked several years as a teacher. I love the academic environment, the libraries, relationship with students and the feeling to be involved in the acquisition of new knowledge. That is why I plan to be part of a University as a professor as well as to keep researching in different aspects of the process of education. I am so thankful to be here and I believe that the Universe brought me to Szeged because the city and the University are the experience that I need in my life now.


Ahmad Adha - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

I am Ahmad Adha from Indonesia and currently a 3rd year student in Theoretical Linguistics PhD program. I chose the University of Szeged (SZTE) as my study destination because it is located in the center of the town and it is also the highest ranked university in Hungary. The university staff and the professors were very accommodating and understanding when I decided to change the program that suits my research topic. I am so glad that I can be a part of my current department, and of course SZTE, since it is also the Center of Pragmatic Research which aims to promote advanced linguistic pragmatic research with international collaborations. After graduating, I wish to continue to work in my academic field as a professor and a researcher. My advice for prospective SZTE students is to choose a university with a good academic reputation that fits their passion.