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Project Participated By SZTE Seeks Answers to Global Health Issues

Participants of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) have recently consulted in Paris.

Participants of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) have recently consulted in Paris. Around 120 representatives of the University of Szeged, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (Germany), Lund University (Sweden), Porto University (Portugal) and Paris-Saclay University (France) are working on the shaping of the future of the European higher education.


The University of Szeged, which was ranked among the top 2% of world’s universities, cooperates with Ludwig-Maximilian University, Lund University, Porto University and Paris-Saclay University within the framework of a consortium of the EUGLOH tender receiving subsidies for 3 years. Consortium members were consulting on the details of the project between 13th and 14th September at Paris-Saclay University.


Partners of the project are prominent European universities are now provided with the opportunity to cooperate and create a novel university structure within the European Union, a student and staff mobility scheme, or even joint curricula and modules. Flexible curricula would allow students to obtain an European degree as well as the customization of studies: students would be able to choose when and where to continue their studies. Approximately 200.000 students are studying at the partner institutions, therefore the aim is to have at least half of the students and staff to participate in mobility programs until 2025.


Health constitutes the backbone of the program of EUGLOH that can be joined by any unit of partnering universities, both in terms of education as well as joint research programs. With the implementation of long-term strategy, the Alliance promotes European values and identity, increases the mobility of university students and staff and improves the quality of European higher education.


’A considerable impact will be made on the future of the University of Szeged with participating in this project. We contributed to the success of this scheme with our experience in internationalization and European Union cooperations’ said Prof. Dr. László Rovó. The Rector of the University of Szeged highlighted: owing to the EUGLOH project, the institution may offer even more targeted Erasmus exchange programs, rankings of the University of Szeged may be improved and a multinational and European supercampus might be established in the future. By doing so, the University of Szeged may become one of the leading Mid-European universities.

SZTE Experience

95930002_620793281842686_908476219798847488_oDianne - Faculty of Science and Informatics

I am a PhD student and a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder from the Philippines. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Environmental Science and I happen to be in my 3rd year of studies. I chose University of Szeged because its one of the top ranked research university in Hungary known for its good reputation in the fields of health and natural sciences. Coming from the Philippines with a warm climate, I had huge preference of Szeged for my studies, the city having the most rays of sunshine and considered to be the warmest place in Hungary. I would advise all the prospective students to join University of Szeged’s diverse and vibrant community! Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, try to find and establish your niche in a new place like what I did. I didn’t regret coming to Szeged as it continuously provides me an enabling learning environment for various reasons, has affordable cost of living, very safe and calm university town, organized transport system, beautiful and clean surroundings with the very sightly Tisza River which adds to its appeal, and also holds many festivals throughout the year. After graduation, I am planning to go back to my home institution and continue my teaching duties at the University of the Philippines Los Baños


Nikki - Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies

My name is Nikki and I am from Iran. Currently I am a second year student studying Physiotherapy at the University of Szeged. I really like the Environment of Szeged as it is a true University City where you can meet people from around the world. I consider Szeged as my second home since I have established my own path here and I have a lot of friends who make me feel home. The reason why I came to Szeged is because I was informed by one of my friends about the fact that the University degrees are EU accredited and will help me to reach my goals and open doors for future job opportunities. Once I have obtained my degree, I would like to stay in Hungary and pursue a post graduate program. Later on I will seize the opportunity to gain some job experience in my field here in Hungary before I hold my ground in Europe.