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New Species Discovered by SZTE Alumna

Dorottya Angyal, zoologist researches invertebrates living in underwater caves in Yucatán State, Mexico. The alumna of the University of Szeged (SZTE) and her research group have recently found a new amphipod species.

“During an expedition in 2016 I noticed a species of amphipod that I had neither seen, nor read about before. Later we found further specimens under depths of 20 m, in the dark cave zone. We examined the collected specimens with the help of a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Based on their DNA and in comparison with other amphipod families in Yucatán, we have found information about the species’ genealogical connections. In the animal’s name the segment ‘troglomorpha’ refers to the high level of adaption to hypogean environment: this 10 mm-long, fragile, blind, colourless animal has extremely elongated antennae and gressorial legs, and there are numerous sensory setae and papillae on their limbs, which enable it to detect mechanical and chemical stimuli in the lightless environment,” says Dorottya Angyal about the discovery of the previously unknown amphipod species, Mayaweckelia troglomorpha.


SZTE Experience

HardeepHardeep Kaur - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics - Biology PhD

Many of my Indian friends had already been studying here, and SZTE was very popular among them because of its quality education, research and the international community. Without any doubt I submitted my application for Biology PhD. Now, this city serves second home to me: beautiful, clean and modern at the same time carrying its ethnicity. Once I leave the city, I will miss everything about Szeged especially my friends and workplace.

Nazrin_BakirovaNazrin Bakirova- International Economy and Business

I came from a city where young women have recently successfully fought against the mentality that had not allowed them to go to study abroad.5 years ago families were extremely protective over their daughters, but nowadays it has been changed into a new perception which allows girls to have the freedom to choose their way of life: career and personal development.