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Anita Márton: “The key to success is perseverance and will”

Anita Márton: “The key to success is perseverance and will”

2018. August 01.

Anita Márton has won the first Hungarian gold medal in the world indoor championships of athletics. The leading sportswoman, who graduated as a special education teacher at the University of Szeged (SZTE), won the female shot put with the best international result this year and with a national record at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. We have asked the world champion about her university years and the key to success.

The graduate from the University of Szeged has been the member of the sporting elite for years: she is the winner of several European indoor championships, as well as being silver medallist of the world championship in Portland in 2016. In 2018 she has become the champion of female shot put at the World Indoor Championships Birmingham, with a national record of 19.62 m.


“You were ill at the time of the Birmingham World Championships, where you won the first gold medal for Hungary in athletics. How did you find the strength to go through with it even in that state?”

“Luckily it was not so bad. During the week of the world championships I caught a slight cold. During the contest I felt quite alright, it was after that it got worse, as I had pushed myself to the limits, I had put all my energy into the contest. I knew that I had been working for this since grounding, so a little cold could not stop me.”

“You are said to be an excellent type of competitor because you usually throw your best in sharp situations, especially in the final round. Is this a conscious strategy?”

“It had not worked like that for me in the past but a sport psychologist helped me to learn how I could give my best during competitions, what I should do if I am nervous. Even though we sort of expect at least one of the three shots to go grand, it is not a conscious decision to throw the third shot furthest. Perhaps this is subconscious, because it is at this point that I feel I have no more chances.”

“After the world championship you left for the next competition in Portugal nearly instantly. Is there no stop? Have you got time for some rest?”

“In this case, I considered travelling as resting, and I also had a free weekend in Birmingham after the world championship. But after Portugal there is indeed no stop, we start preparing for the summer season, we go on a training camp.”

“What does your average day look like?”

“Breakfast, training, running errands, lunch, rest, training, dinner, sleep. I run my own household, I have two dogs, so I have things to do between trainings too. I’m usually not bored, I walk around a lot.”

“What do you think the key to success is?”

“Perseverance and will. Perhaps these two things are the most important.”

“You graduated from the University of Szeged as a Special Education Teacher. How do you look back on those years? Are you planning to work as a special education teacher?”

“I look back on those years with great joy. I definitely want to work with children in the future, either as a trainer or a special education teacher – I’m not yet sure which. Time and opportunities will decide this. But it is certain that I’ll be able to make good use of the things I learned at university.”

Text: Boglárka Kósa
Photo: M4 Sport