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Close to 180 new ERASMUS students arrived to the University of Szeged this February

174 international students have just begun their studies in the framework of ERASMUS+ and the so called Credit Mobility programmes at the University.

More and more foreign students have been attracted by the wide range of international relations of the University of Szeged in the past few years. The University maintains relationship with more than 470 ERASMUS+ partner institutions.

174 foreign Erasmus students begin their studies at the University of Szeged in the second semester of 2016/2017. These students arrive from 87 different universities located in 19 countries of the world. Most of these students (40) come from Turkey. Among the top 5 countries there are Romania, Italy, France, and Spain. Most of them are enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine – 36 students in the Faculty of Arts – 28 students in the Faculty of Law – and 26 students in the Faculty of Science and Informatics.


The newly arrived ERASMUS students were greeted by dr. Tamás Bene, the director for international affairs. He told about how he started his career as a member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), and that there has been a tight relationship between the ESN and the University since then. In order to assist foreign students to find their way in SZTE, the Mobility Office of the university and ESN organized an orientation week: “Have a great time in Szeged, get to know your fellow students and spread the word about the University of Szeged.”


Leona Jerney - the president of ESN Szeged - said, ESN is the largest voluntary youth network in Europe, operating in 40 countries, with more than 500 sections. “Not only do we help students in issues related to their studies, but we also assist them in seeking a place to live, or in finding medical help. Tours, cultural and free-time activities are regularly organized. Thanks to the financial support of the University, we provide Erasmus Students with a free ESN Card, so that they can visit several events for free.”

SZTE Experience

HardeepHardeep Kaur - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics - Biology PhD

Many of my Indian friends had already been studying here, and SZTE was very popular among them because of its quality education, research and the international community. Without any doubt I submitted my application for Biology PhD. Now, this city serves second home to me: beautiful, clean and modern at the same time carrying its ethnicity. Once I leave the city, I will miss everything about Szeged especially my friends and workplace.

Nazrin_BakirovaNazrin Bakirova- International Economy and Business

I came from a city where young women have recently successfully fought against the mentality that had not allowed them to go to study abroad.5 years ago families were extremely protective over their daughters, but nowadays it has been changed into a new perception which allows girls to have the freedom to choose their way of life: career and personal development.