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14th University Spring Festival

The 14th University Spring Festival, held this year between 10 April – 18 May, will host a huge programme of events. The Cultural Office of University of Szeged organizes several foreign language programme.

JATE Club Dugonics square 13.

8th April, Saturday

20.00 International Student’s JAM Session

23.00 Weekend Madness

Host: Dj Gábor Bende

Entrance fee: 600 HUF with student card, 1000 HUF without student card


REÖK Palace Tisza Lajos boulevard 56.

29th April, Saturday 4.00 PM

Guided tour in Reök Palace

„You might have passed me many times, but you may not have entered my door, not even once. From the outside you can only see that I am full of purple flowers and I am a bit strange. You are right, there is no such building in Szeged. Come and discover me.”

Get to know one of the most beautiful Art Neauvou palaces of Szeged inside and outside. Reök Palace organises a guided walk for foreign students studying in our city. The walk is guided by Ildikó Csikós, a tour guide of Beyond Budapest Sightseeing. Booking is required.

Please contact: gyakornok@szegediszabadteri.hu

Meeting place and time: Reök Palace, banquet hall, between 15:45 and 4 pm.


Mora Ferenc Museum Szeged Roosevelt sq. 1/3

9th May, Tuesday 11.00 AM

English guided tour in the Mora Ferenc Museum

Free guided tour in Mora Ferenc Museum. During the one hour long tour we guide you through the unique Szeged slippers and the „Plak-Art” collection (posters’ echibition: political, economical, tourist and cultural ads), that will reveal the end 1800’s early 1900’s life in Hungary in every aspects.

The tour starts: 11.00 am

Entrance fee: 890 HUF


University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts, Egyetem str. 2.

6th, April, Thursday 16.00 PM

Lecture of Univ. Prof. Dr. Sieglinde Klettenhammer (Institut für Germanisitik der Universität Innsbruck)

University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts, Egyetem str. 2.

4th, May, Thursday 14.00 PM

Univ. Prof. Joachim Jacob (Gießen): ,,Sie müssen auch fein meinem Exempel folgen, u. mir oft schreiben” - Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock als Briefschreiber

SZTE Experience


Gizem Gültekin – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

I am studying at University of Szeged as a former Erasmus student, currently as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder. Both the institution and the town are wonderful. Many entertainment and sports facilities are provided, and it is also easy to make new friends. It is a great experience to attend the University, and I would like to stay in Szeged and continue my academic studies.

JoseJose Eges - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics

I’m from Ecuador and a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder in my second year. I chose University of Szeged because of its highly ranked status in Hungary. I like the generosity of the people and the fantastic university facilities. The student environment is very relaxing, and you learn a lot from the cultural diversity. The student mentors are helpful. Professors and members of faculty staff are very approachable to guide and support you with academic challenges. Life in Szeged is exciting, and my favorite spot is the bank of Tisza River. The landscape of the bridge across the river and the beachside perspective is a beauty. I do enjoy the good academic system, and friendly environment.