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Grab your Umbrellas: graduation ceremony of the French-Hungarian double degree in Lille

Grab your Umbrellas: graduation ceremony of the French-Hungarian double degree in Lille

2016. December 15.
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Five graduates received their French-Hungarian double degree on the 10th of December 2016 in Lille, France. The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Szeged in cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies of Lille already awards students double masters in International Relations with specialization in European Studies for three years.

Institute of Political Studies Lille (Sciences Po Lille) and International and Regional Studies Institute of University of Szeged have established the first double degree in Hungary in International Relations in accordance with the agreement signed in 2012. In the last three years twenty students have been graduated from this programme of excellence.

Such an innovative and progressive cooperation not only contribute to the internationalization of the University of Szeged, but also brings together students and professors from different background to work together, and this method should be more then evident especially in the field of International Studies. Students coming from the “big” Europe – from Georgia to the west of France – are more then glad to take part of this adventure. They can have a taste of intercultural dialogue, which with respect to the diversity, over and above in French, will become not only a working habit but also a professional aim for them - said Péter Kruzslicz, Director of the Program.


This European Studies academic program is unique in the region. The objective of the four semesters is to discuss European problems from a inter-disciplinary approach which also reflects on the historical, economic, legal and political aspects of these questions. Students acquire a thorough knowledge about the development of European integration and its legal and political aspects, emphasizing the identity and the particularities of Central and Eastern European countries. Furthermore, due to the participation of the Institute of Political Studies Lille, students can spend a whole semester in France.