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New partnership opportunities with institutions of the Western Balkan Region

The position of Western Balkan region and national higher education institutions within Europe and potential cooperation opportunities were discussed on 10-11 March 2015 in the Rector's Office of the University of Szeged.

About one hundred representatives of nearly 30 higher education institutions from 8 countries have arrived to the University of Szeged. At the conference of the Tempus Public Foundation, Regional Cooperation in Higher Education: Hungary and Western Balkans, representatives of national higher education institutions and Serbian, Slovenian, Kosovan, Montenegrin and Croatian participants have had discussions.


Cooperation in terms of internationalization


“The main purpose of the conference was to bring closer the institutions of Hungary and the Western Balkan region, deepen the already existing connections and generate new ones, since there are so many fields where there are possibilities that are unexploited or need developing, including the increasing of the number students and facilitating teacher and student projects. - said Gábor Dobos. The representative of the Tempus Public Foundation emphasized that the Western Balkan countries are priority targets for Hungary in terms of both the European integration and economic connections.


The teaching partnerships and exchange programs between the countries have great significance, for instance the scholarship programs of CEEPUS, the ERASMUS MUNDUS, ECCE MUNDUS, ERASMUS + and the Stipendium Hungaricum. These do not only assist the exchange programs of students and instructors but also facilitate the internationalization of the institutions.

Újabb nyugat-balkáni intézményekkel működhet együtt az SZTE - GALÉRIA


Foreign relations of SZTE can broaden


“At this conference the main emphasis is put on strengthening the already advanced foreign relations of the University of Szeged and developing the cooperation between the SZTE and the Western Balkan universities. Our purpose is to lay the foundation of future partnership and the 12 faculties of the University of Szeged can offer cooperation for the Western Balkan institutions in a number of fields.”- summarized Katalin Nagy. The Rector's Executive Director for Foreign Affairs said: as a result of opening towards the South and East the University of Szeged will be able to renew its already existing and generate new connections with the higher education institutions of the Western Balkan region.


The universitas at the bank of river Tisza is at present in partnership with two Macedonian and three Serbian higher education institutions. The University of Szeged is cooperating with Serbian, Kosovan and Albanian higher education institutions as well.


It was apparent already at the beginning of the conference, that there is great interest for the foreign training programs of University of Szeged – added Katalin Nagy. The universitas on the river bank of Tisza receives its students and teachers with such a high standard of education, scientific and research work that is offered only by very few universities.


Two days

At the international conference held on the 10th and 11th of March 2015 thought-provoking lectures were delivered on the connection of Hungary and Western Balkan countries. The higher education institutions of the region introduced themselves. The workshops enabled participants to negotiate some questions in detail as organizing student and teacher mobility and joint curriculum programs.


SZTE Experience

Yuanyuan_ChenYuanyuan Chen - International Economy and Business - Stipendium student

My first impression about Szeged was, that it is „a standard lovely Western city. You can see colourful buildings everywhere; enjoy the sunshine, walk in the nature, study in the bright, high-tech library”. I think this is a perfect place for students where they can experience sparkling culture diversity, enjoy the peacefulness of everyday life, meet a lot of kind and motivating people, enjoy the inspiring academic atmosphere, taste the food not only from Hungary but also from the world. I can call Szeged my second home.

julieJulie Deschanels- Faculty of Law and Political Sciences- Business Law

I chose the University of Szeged, because it has a very good international reputation. When I previously checked the website of the University I liked the fact that Szeged is not too big and too small. I received a lot of help from the ESN mentors. I like Hungary and Szeged a lot and I’m enjoying my classes. When I have free time I go jogging, or play foosball with my friends. In Szeged I really love Süti, nem süti, the river and TIK, because it is just perfect place to study: specious place with full of students and books.