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Cavalcade of nations at the University of Szeged on the ICE 2015

An International Cultural Evening was held at the University of Szeged. This programme in the TIK allowed national and international university students get to know each other's culture.

“The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?” This thought by Pablo Casals was the motto of the international cultural festival organized at the University of Szeged for the fourth time.


In the spirit of jubilee


The cavalcade of 14th of March 2015 was held at the University of Szeged József Attila Study and Information Centre. Great interest was shown to the programme that was initiated by the organization of foreign students studying in Szeged, the International Student Union of Szeged (ISUS), preceding the opening ceremony there was a huge queue in front of the building.

“The University of Szeged has been receiving foreign students for 30 years.The University of Szeged can set an example for the whole world, where national and international students can celebrate together in unity.” - praised the event Katalin Nagy. According to the Rector's Executive Director for Foreign Affairs, connections formed at the Fourth International Cultural Evening (ICE 2015) can keep on flourishing in the future.

The program organization of international students representing different nations studying in Szeged, is supported by the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

An Alumni is being organized

“With the initiation of the SZTE Alumni an idea is beginning to come true, that is to invite back former students from all over the world who graduated from the University of Szeged to share their experience and with the help of these make education more up-to-date.- explained professor Katalin Nagy.

In general foreign students enjoy studying at the University of Szeged and they are satisfied with its trainings. - we learned from Andrea Lehocki Balog. As a response to our question the leader of the Secretariat at Registrars Department and the Education Centre for International Students at the SZTE mentioned a few things that are frequently on the “wish list” of international students. “Yes, foreign students often ask for prolonging the opening hours of the Library, because examples of Western countries show, that lot of students would like to study even until midnight”.-remarked Ms Balog.


Cavalcade of nations at the University of Szeged on the ICE 2015


Foreign students are active

The Fourth International Cultural Evening was special, because it was mainly organized by the International Student Union of Szeged (ISUS) in unity with the Faculties of the University of Szeged.

“The ISUS represents students of numerous countries. - said Lutuf Zreik president of the union. - Our purpose with this evening was that in addition to our learning abilities our hosts could be introduced to our cultures as well.” - he added speaking in the name of international students.

The ISUS gets remarkable feedback of Szeged and its university training from former students. This fact was affirmed by the young people asked during the event. Besides the beauty of the city, Zahra from Iran emphasized the high standard of education at the university. “I can continue my studies in English language marvellously and I got to know plenty of kind people here.” A medical student, Lea, who arrived to Szeged from Norway, had similar opinion. “It was worth coming here, because the theoretical training is outstanding. It would be nice to have more practice, but theoretical basics are taught thoroughly here.”- she said. Later we found ourselves amongst a group of German students and there we learned, that compared to German standards Szeged is considered to be small town but still, there are great and interesting programmes for young people.

The president of the ISUS Lutuf Zreik greeted those present at the International Cultural Evening, and emphasized the richness in culture of the SZTE students. He added that culture always accompanies us, where ever we go, it will always be present.


Chopin and the tour of tastes


The opening programme of the International Cultural Evening contained a wide range of interests of the foreign students. We could listen to Chopin and following the piano piece, a song from an Italian opera. The audience could see a musical adaptation of King Oedipus and various dance performances.

The guests could take part on a so called “tour of tastes” where delicious specialities of each country were offered by students to sample. The gastronomy of over 20 countries were served.

Following the workshop the meeting that was full of dancing, getting to know one another and entertainment, lasted until late at night.


SZTEinfo: Tamás Őszi

Photos: Donát Herner

SZTE Experience

HardeepHardeep Kaur - Faculty of Sciences and Informatics - Biology PhD

Many of my Indian friends had already been studying here, and SZTE was very popular among them because of its quality education, research and the international community. Without any doubt I submitted my application for Biology PhD. Now, this city serves second home to me: beautiful, clean and modern at the same time carrying its ethnicity. Once I leave the city, I will miss everything about Szeged especially my friends and workplace.

Imane_CherbiImane Cherbi - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

My name is Cherbi Imane and I am 23 years old from Algeria. I am spending my last semester at the University of Szeged Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Being an MA student of Applied Linguistics, University of Szeged offered me a chance to gain sufficient knowledge about my field of study. I choose the University of Szeged simply because it is a highly ranked academic institution both nationally and internationally; also because of the variety of programs that they have for international students.

I love everything in Szeged: every corner of every street, I will always keep them in my heart. I take photos of the city when walking around and I am planning to launch a blog to promote this beautiful corner of Hungary among international students. People of Szeged are caring, always smiling and we are living peacefully together. I have never felt isolated or neglected. As a coffee lover, i always enjoy having my favorite type of coffee in different coffees in Szeged. Lookin for calmness and nature vibes, I would certainly walk by the Tisza river whenever I want.