Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

2016. March 08.
3 perc

About the programme

This programme is designed to unify the basic and clinical sciences, as it is believed that scientific and professional development cannot be separated but should proceed concurrently throughout the programme. Throughout the basic module – the first two years - students are taught basic sciences, all the while starting to meet patients during their summer practice. The preclinical module – the third year - prepares students for the clinical patient care by focusing on mastering the manual skills that will be applied later on. The clinical module – the last two years of the programme – is dedicated to the intensive clinical study of each of the various disciplines of dentistry, where students treat real patients under close supervision of their tutors.


The Faculty of Dentistry is the regional centre established for dental care in the southeastern region of Hungary. The graduates of the University are entitled to apply for hospital residency positions worldwide. Citizens of the EU will receive their licenses automatically within the Community.


Level of the programme: undivided master’s programme; title acquired: Doctor Medicinae Dentaire

Duration of the programme: 10 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits 300


Who should apply?

Prospective students should possess personal competencies and skills that include empathy and willingness to help, appropriate skills to communicate, appropriate manual skills, a positive attitude toward professional training, readiness to cooperate, the ability to perform managerial tasks after a period of acquiring sufficient practice, creativity and good problem solving skills. Applications are accepted from graduates of accredited high schools or colleges/universities. It is an advantage if the applicant has studied Biology, Chemistry (General, Inorganic, Organic) and Physics in high school.


Application requirements: Fully completed online application form. For more information please visit the relevant pages of the website of the Faculty. Entrance examinations are held in Hungary and at different locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States between February and July. Applicants are allowed to participate in one examination during each application period. The exam consists of a written and an oral portion. For students who feel unprepared for the regular degree programs or who need help in reviewing basic sciences in English, we offer an 8-month Foundation Year Program. For more information regarding the Foundation Year please click here.


Online application

Start of the programme: September of each year

Tuition fee: 1st semester: 8000 EUR 2nd semester: 7600 EUR
3rd semester -10th semesters: 7600 EUR

Application fee: 300 EUR


For more information please visit our website or contact Dr. Márió Gajdács and Etelka Császárné Dancsó via email at: or call +36 62 342 513.


*The tuition fee is subject to change each September