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Last Minute Admission

Business Administration and Management BA programme – University of Szeged

Admission is still open for candidates with a valid EU residence permit until 25 August 2015 – Further information on the application procedure at study.info@eco.u-szeged.hu

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers a Business Administration and Management Programme developed for students who wish to ensure and develop their positions in the professional arena.

The program is for students who intend to study in English for a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management, leading to a BA degree in three and a half years. The last semester is spent in internship at a multinational or local company, or at a non-profit organization. The degree is accredited and recognised by the European Union.

Further information on the programme: http://www.eco.u-szeged.hu/english/ba-programme

SZTE Experience

mendezMatheus Vasconcelos Goes Mendes – Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine

I’m from Brazil, but I feel very comfortable in Szeged. Attending the courses, I acquired thorough knowledge, which was helped by the well-equipped labs, and the modern library of the University. Despite the hustle and bustle, the town is still safe, the quality of life is considerably high, and we receive every assistance to fit in, such as excellent program administration or help searching for accommodations.

SantiagoSantiago Vallejo - Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

I’m from Ecuador and a Ph.D. student from the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program. I first heard about the University of Szeged on the internet. The general study environment is nice and student life in the city is lovely. With my program and the academic system, I can control my time which is a plus. The city is very affordable, and I live in the city center. One of my favorite extra-curricular activities is the Hungarian cultural programs. I have so many favorite spots, but parks are top on the list. The professors and staffs are very approachable. The mentors and classmates also did an excellent job to explore and know the city better. I hope to continue my career as a professor, and I would recommend the university to friends because it is, in general, a beautiful place.