University of Szeged


Student Card

How to get your Student Card

Student ID card or the Temporary Student ID certificate is an easy way of proving that you have an active status at the University. It also entitles students to enjoy a number of discounts in many services and places.

The administrative processes regarding the application take place at the Students’ Service Office for all students of the University (also called TIK).

Temporary Student ID certificate

In case fo short term studies it is possible to apply for the Temporary Student ID certificate valid for 90 days:

  • Make sure to have an active student status in Neptun (Please see it here)
  • Present your passport at the Student Service Office (1. Ady tér)


Permanent Student ID Card

In case of longer stays (in excess of 1 year), application for a permanent student ID card (valid for a whole semester).

In case you need to obtain it on your own (some Faculties may assist the process) there is an information source here or read the instructions:

  • Have an active in Neptun system
  • Obtain a NEK data sheet from the Government Office (1. Rákóczi Square 1.) Hand it in the Student Service Office (Ady tér 1.) Please see below steps.
  • They notify you once your card is ready to be picked up


Acquiring the Student ID Card:

Step 1:

Your official photo and signature has to be taken at the “Csongrád Megyei Kormányhivatal” (Government Office of Csongrád County)

Address:  6722 Szeged, Rákóczi tér 1.


Opening hours:

5th September - 11th October 2023
every Tuesday between 08.00 and 16.00 and every Wednesday between 08.00 and 20.00.


Please pull a number at the Information desk and go to 1st floor, counter No. 25.


Documents to be taken with you:

1. School certificate

2. Original identification document(s) (passport / ID )


You will be given an official Personal Data Sheet issued at the “Csongrád Megyei Kormányhivatal” (Government Office of Csongrád County). Your photo and data will be merged into the electronic system of EDUCATIO Ltd. (company who will issue your plastic card in Budapest).

Step 2:

Make sure to submit the hard copy of the signed and filled NEK Data Sheet to the Student Service Office at the Central Library (1 Ady square).

You will be notified by the Student Service Office, when the Student ID Card is issued. When its ready, you just have to pick it up there.