2020. July 15., Wednesday

SZTE Career Office

The SZTE Career Office offers job and internship opportunities and many other services to support the professional development of students and recent graduates of the SZTE preparing them for the labour market. As a foreign student you can take part in the Job Fair organized by the Career Office twice a year in József Attila Study and Information Centre where you can meet more than 70 regional and national companies. Come and build relationships to find your dream job!

Address: 17. Vitéz utca, Szeged, Office 8.
Phone: +36-62-546-680
E-mail.: info@sztekarrier.hu

SZTE Experience

simsonSimson Ndadaleka Shaakumeni - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - PhD Studies

I heard about Stipendium Hungaricum from a fellow countryman. I would love to teach at a university one day, but a Doctorate degree is often required in order to do so. That is why I came to Szeged, where I am currently working on my doctoral thesis in educational science – my special field of interest is scientific literacy of students. Life is completely different in Namibia; it is mostly a rural country and agriculture is still hardly mechanised and many homesteads in villages in the countryside are built of wood. The weather is totally different from the one in Szeged, the cold and icy weather caught me by surprise after returning from Christmas holiday, I didn’t have proper shoes so my feet were constantly freezing.


Gizem Gültekin – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

I am studying at University of Szeged as a former Erasmus student, currently as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holder. Both the institution and the town are wonderful. Many entertainment and sports facilities are provided, and it is also easy to make new friends. It is a great experience to attend the University, and I would like to stay in Szeged and continue my academic studies.