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Payment Methods

Fee payment can be conducted by either of these two methods: online payment by bank card or via bank transfer

A) Use your bank card for the most convenient payment


International applicants can pay their application online using the Simple Pay method.
This method is accessible through the DreamApply online application platform.



By clicking on Finances and choosing the pending notification, on the notification the button ‘Pay with SimplePay’ will guide the applicant to a secure bank card payment platform called SimplePay.

Applicants have to set the language and provide the required bank card information to proceed with the transaction securely online. The applicant then will receive an e-mail from the SimplePay confirming the successful transaction.


Applicants can check if the invoice is paid by clicking on the relevant invoice and looking for the 'Paid' sign on the invoice with a green tick ✓.



B) Payment via bank/wire transfer

In case you are not able to proceed the payment using a bank card, you can transfer the fee(s) through a local bank in your country.

Fees indicated on the payment notification issued by the University of Szeged can be paid by bank transfer on the cost of the applicant.

Please check the exact amount of the payable fee and the currency (USD or EUR) in the application platform or on the relevant programme description our website before initiating the bank transfer.


We request you to transfer the full amount and the cost of the transfer (since commission charges have to be paid by the applicant). Sometimes banks charge a transaction fee on your money transfer, as a consequence money to be transferred will be deducted. Always consult your bank in advance if there is any transaction fee so that you can calculate with the proper amount; otherwise you will have to repeat the process and settle the remaining fee as your application / admission will not be complete without paying the whole fee.

Indicate both Swift codes HUSTHUHB, MANEHUHB and indicate both bank names: Hungarian State Treasury, Hungarian National Bank.

In the Remarks/Comments field make sure to indicate your name (as in passport), Dream Apply ID and the number of the payment notification you have received from the system.


Bank account details:

EUR account

University of Szeged
IBAN: HU79-10004885 -10002010-00120335
Hungarian State Treasury
H-1054 Budapest, Hold u. 4.
Swift code: HUSTHUHB
Corresponding bank: Hungarian National Bank, SWIFT code: MANEHUHB
H-1054, Budapest, Szabadság tér 9.


USD account

University of Szeged
IBAN number: HU94-1000-4012-1000-8016-0022-0332
Hungarian State Treasury
H-1054 Budapest, Hold u. 4.
Swift code: HUSTHUHB

Corresponding bank: Hungarian National Bank, SWIFT code: MANEHUHB

SZTE Experience


Nikki - Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies

My name is Nikki and I am from Iran. Currently I am a second year student studying Physiotherapy at the University of Szeged. I really like the Environment of Szeged as it is a true University City where you can meet people from around the world. I consider Szeged as my second home since I have established my own path here and I have a lot of friends who make me feel home. The reason why I came to Szeged is because I was informed by one of my friends about the fact that the University degrees are EU accredited and will help me to reach my goals and open doors for future job opportunities. Once I have obtained my degree, I would like to stay in Hungary and pursue a post graduate program. Later on I will seize the opportunity to gain some job experience in my field here in Hungary before I hold my ground in Europe.


Ahmad Adha - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

I am Ahmad Adha from Indonesia and currently a 3rd year student in Theoretical Linguistics PhD program. I chose the University of Szeged (SZTE) as my study destination because it is located in the center of the town and it is also the highest ranked university in Hungary. The university staff and the professors were very accommodating and understanding when I decided to change the program that suits my research topic. I am so glad that I can be a part of my current department, and of course SZTE, since it is also the Center of Pragmatic Research which aims to promote advanced linguistic pragmatic research with international collaborations. After graduating, I wish to continue to work in my academic field as a professor and a researcher. My advice for prospective SZTE students is to choose a university with a good academic reputation that fits their passion.