International Relations (MA)

International Relations (MA)

2016. February 23.
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About the Programme 
The International Relations programme at SZTE has a competitive edge, as ours is the only law school in Hungary offering an interdisciplinary IR (International Relations) curriculum in Business Economics and International (Economic) Relations, with further emphasis on Political Sciences, European Studies and Law. Students admitted into the Master in International Relations programme (MIR) are integrated into a diverse and international student netwrok recruited mainly from Hungary, its neighboring countries in the Western Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Africa and Asia. MIR graduates are knowledgeable about different fields of legal studies and social sciences, are able to interpret global and regional issues in an international context and are familiar with the theoretical and practical implications of International Relations.

Our graduates are able to place the perspectives of the Central-Eastern European region in a framework of International Relations in solving legal and economic challenges. We train professionals in the study of the fundamental institutions, resources and processes, both in legislation and in practice, that define the most important economic powers in international, European and other contexts.

As graduates, our students are familiar with the social implications of these legal and political institutions, resources and processes that might influence the economy, politics and society of other countries as well. Graduates of the program usually pursue careers in government or the public sector at international firms, multinational corporations or civil society organisations. There is also the opportunity to continue studies in PhD programmes.

Level of the programme: Master 
Duration of the programme: 4 semesters 
Registered in: EU 
Credits: 120 

Who should apply? 
It is an advantage if the applicant has a background in International Relations, Political Science, Law, European Law/Studies.

Application requirements: fully completed online application form with all required attachments such as BA degree, a demonstrated proficiency in English (IELT S 6.5, TOE FL 79-93, CEFR B1-C2) motivation letter, CV, academic records*; interview online; students must attach a written research proposal or academic writing sample of their own work and 2 letters of reference from academics that have the ability and personal experience to assess their academic aptitudes.

Description of selection and entrance examination process:

Formal Requirements Fully Completed Application Form with all required attachments, especially copy of degree and language certificate. Required language skill: English - IELTS 6.5 or interchangeable TOEFL 79-93 score interval (equivalent to CEFR B1-C2 level), or above. Language skill subject to verification on the occasion of an Admission Interview. Degrees Eligible for Admission: BA in International Relations, BA in International Studies and Undergraduate Degree in Law (for international students). In addition to this any degrees that qualify under the relevant Hungarian rules, please consult for more details Admission Interview.

All the applicants will go through an Admission Interview. (NOTE! We reserve the right to refuse applications due to unsatisfactory language skills based on the experiences of the admission interview).

Admission Interviews will be conducted in person in the first week of July in each Academic Year or later on under personalized arrangement with our international applicants. In this case, Interviews are generally conducted online via Skype or VoIP, max. for 20 minutes, to evaluate the applicants' personal and academic aptitude.


For the compulsory learning material subjected to the entrance examination, visit this webpage:

Online application

Start of the Programme: September of each year

Tuition Fee per semester: 1800 EUR 

Application fee: 35 EUR Entrance Exam fee: 100 EUR

For more information, contact us:

For the Flyer of the Programme please click here.

*Academic Records: an official English version OR translation of your full bachelor's transcript including an explanation of the grading system, and an official English version OR translation of your bachelor's diploma.