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Applied Mathematics MSc

Applied Mathematics MSc

2019. November 04.
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About the Programme


This four-semester MSc degree programme offered by the Bolyai Institute of the University of Szeged provides a modern introduction into various areas of Applied Mathematics. The programme is open to students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (or a close equivalent) from an accredited university.


In the first semester all students are required to complete introductory courses that lay the common mathematical foundations. Starting from the second semester students must choose one of the following three specializations: Applied Analysis, Industrial Mathematics, and Financial Mathematics. Applied Analysis is aimed at applications of analysis in problems that arise in natural sciences and industry. Industrial Mathematics is intended to provide the necessary tools for solving practical mathematical problems of engineering. Industrial Mathematics is more oriented towards industrial applications, while Applied Analysis yields a deeper theoretical background. The Financial Mathematics Specialization is designed to give the necessary mathematical knowledge to work in the areas of insurance, investments, and banking. In the last two semesters of the programme, students are required to write a Master’s thesis under the supervision of a faculty member, and at the end of the programme they must successfully pass an oral Final Examination held before a committee.


Graduates of the Applied Mathematics Master’s programme are much sought after in the labour market, and they have an opportunity to pursue a scientific career by entering a doctoral programme in Mathematics.



Level of the programme: Master

Duration of the programme: 4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 120


Who should apply?

The programme is open to qualified students who hold a Mathematics BSc degree or close equivalent from an accredited university.

Application requirements: fully completed and signed application form, BSc degree from an accredited university or higher education institution, a demonstrated proficiency in English (TELC/ECL B2, TOEFL IBT – 72, RPDT score 72, Cambridge FC B, IELTS – 5.5, LanguageCert B2 level), copy of passport, 2 recommendation letters from recognised academic persons, recent medical certificate of satisfactory general health status, a CV, a motivational letter, individual Skype interview (online entrance exam), payment of 35 EUR non-refundable application fee and 100 EUR entrance exam fee.

Scholarship: There are numerous scholarships available to cover the tuition fee (e.g. Stipendium Hungaricum,

for details see the website of Tempus Public Foundation).

Online application

Start of the programme: September
of each year

Tuition fee: 2700 EUR per semester

Other fees: 35 EUR application fee and 100 EUR entrance exam fee

List of topics for the Skype interview:
Applicants are required to be able to present the main notions, definitions and theorems of the following areas of mathematics:

  • Mathematical analysis: differential and integral calculus in one and several variables
  • Linear algebra: vector spaces, bases, linear transformations, matrices, eigenvalues
  • Stochastics: random variables, conditional probability, expectation, the law of large numbers, the central limit theorem


For more information visit or contact Dr. László Imre Szabó via or call +36-62-544-09.