Master in International Relations (in French) - at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Master in International Relations (in French) - at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

2019. February 13.
2 perc

Outstanding Education

International, European and Regional Studies, Multidiscplinary and practice oriented tuition exlusively in French International Professors A Full Semester of Education in Lille.


Obtainable Certificates (Dual-Diploma, in respect to the chosen specialization) Master’s Degree in International Relations at the Univeristy of Szeged, Master’s Degree at the Institute for Political Sciences at Lille Master’s Degree at Senghor University in Alexandria.

The Aim of the Programme:

Our goal is to provide an exceptional training for African, European and Hungarian students that delves into the issues of each particular specialization and at the same time extends to other disciplines, directly connected to international relations. Since courses are held in a foreign language and owing to the vast international network of the Institute, students are able to absorb knowledge and skills from native-speaker French professors that are essential for facing the challenges of the labour market.

Aside from the professors from abroad, there are many experts participating in the education. Therefore students are able to get hold of pragmatic expertise, that is vital in African and European public administration and the private sector as well. On both specializations, as a result of the multidisciplinary tutition, students are going to obtain knowledge in the fields of political science, law and public administration.


Start of the programme: September of each year

Duration: 2 years

Language of Education: French

Application deadline: May 31st

Specialization: European Studies and Europe – African Development.

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