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Information on online education for the students of the University of Szeged


7th April 2020

Dear Students,

Under this heading of the website of the University of Szeged, you can read the information about the extraordinary online education started on 23rd of March, 2020. By summarizing the distributed information materials, we would like to provide you with up-to-date, authentic and regular help on online education.

The information on the website is regularly extended and updated.

You can send us your requests and remarks on online education to the following email address: onlineoktatas@rekt.szte.hu.

For regularly updated information and for frequently asked questions you can visit the CooSpace Student Information Scene.

Online courses from the biggest educational platform of the world are free in Hungary only for the citizens of the University of Szeged. Further details about the Coursera for SZTE program.

The information letters from the Operative Committee on Distance Education:

1. Information for Students issued on 16th March 2020


  • Order for online education
  • Tasks of students
  • Keeping contact
  • Detailed information on the order of the university year and on online education

    2. Smart Online Education – Information for Students 2 issued on 6th April 2020


    • CooSpace - the official resource
    • Klebelsberg Library - open online
    • Coursera for SZTE
    • University Life Skills and Counselling Centre - Soul Navigator, in case it is more difficult now

      • Online Education Website - Compass for Online Education
      • CooSpace and Neptun settings - ideas so that you don’t miss anything
      • Online classes in the scenes of CooSpace - new tool on the platform
      • Coursera for SZTE - stars for university citizens in Szeged as well
      • University of Szeged (SZTE) Facebook page chatbot (BerciBot)

        • Online library services
        • Electronic services at the Foreign Language Centre
        • Let’s prepare for the examination period!
        • Brainstorming in Munich

          • Information about the exam period – when, how many times, how?
          • Specific information about online exams
          • The usage of Student web in Neptun – checking completions