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2014  --  Beszerzési és Szolgáltatási Iroda (szolgáltatások)
Call for Proposal No. SZTE/2014/PSZ04394
Deadline for submission of offers extended!

The Directorate of Finance and Engineering, University of Szeged (hereafter Inviting Authority) invites candidates to an open procedure for supplying the following service:

„Transport of laboratory instruments from Oxford University (UK) to University of Szeged” for the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Szeged.”
2014. december 10.
Offer No: SZTE/2014/PSZ04394

Deadline for submission of offers: December 16th, 2014 11:00

Estimated Date of delivery: Between January 5 2015 and January 12 2015.

Short specification of service:

We seek quotations for transport service of laboratory instruments from Oxford University (UK) to University of Szeged. We expect the service to include dismantling, packing and transportation of electrical and optical laboratory instruments from Department of Pharmacology, Oxford University Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3QT United Kingdom Oxford, UK to Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience in University of Szeged, Dr. Gabor Tamas laboratory (6726 Szeged, Közép fasor 52 Hungary).

Shipped instruments should be dismounted, inspected and valued for insurance, serviced and mounted in destination. Offers for door-to-door transportation service with customized lorry (preferably air suspension) are preferred.


Removable items include two multichannel epifluorescence microscopes (Olympus BW51 and Leica DM5000), 4x micromanipulators (Luigs & Neumann with microscope stage) and electrical amplifiers. Electrical instruments would need anti-static protection.

Estimated weight of the package is 500 kg, size approx. 5 m3.


The number of the project: KEP-1.2/2014

The project is called: MTA Kiválósági Együttműködési Program a „Precizíós gyógyászat biológiai alapjai”.

Evaluation principle: the lowest price

Please indicate the total price including all the expenses (packing, freight and insurance).

Offers are to be submitted by uploading your offer in PDF file (please click on „Upload Proposal”” in the top right corner).
More information:

Payment terms:

The currency of invoice and payment is GBP. The payment takes place in 30 days from the date of the invoice’s delivery, with bank transfer on the basis of the proof of the performance issued by the Institute.


Billing adress:

Szegedi Tudományegyetem

6720 Szeged, Dugonics ter 13.


Shipping adress:

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Neuroscience

University of Szeged

Közép fasor 52.

H-6726, Szeged



For further information please turn to the following official contact person:

Ifkovics Kálmán foreign sales representative


Contact person for technical support: Dr. Lőrincz Magor, tudományos főmunkatárs SZTE TTIK Élettani, Szervezettani és Idegtudományi Tanszék, tel: 06-62/544-149 mobil:0670/357-0779


The official language of the procedure is Hungarian, but offers can also be submitted in English language. The Inviting Authority expects offers from suppliers that can guarantee a prompt delivery and have a stable financial background. The Inviting Authority reserves the right to request further information from candidates within 5 working days in writing . Request for further information will be sent to each candidate with a valid offer. Following the submission deadline, the Inviting Authority evaluates the offers and candidates are informed on the result with the least possible delay.

The Inviting Authority reserves the right to cancel the above offer procedure fully or partially, without any justification. The Inviting Authority is not liable for consequences resulted by the withdrawal.

This call for proposal is not to be considered as a contractual commitment undertaken by the Inviting Authority. The call and the full procedure are subject to the Inviting Authority’s internal regulations.

Winner supplier: Micro Control Instruments Ltd.
Winner price: 11 600 GBP + VAT