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Repeated information concerning the spread of the coronavirus

Respected Students,

It is to repeatedly inform you concerning the spread of the coronavirus as follows:

1. Students who

  • have been in the coronavirus affected areas in the last two weeks (The following regions are mostly affected according to the latest data issued on 28th February: China, South Korea, Italy (Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Piemont, Veneto), Iran, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong).
  • met a person who visited these territories prior to their meeting in the last two weeks, or
  • live in a common household with such a person

shall refrain from attending lectures, visiting campus and faculty buildings, admission/academic offices, the student service office or any office with face-to-face administration.

2. We kindly ask you to notify the Study Departments of the Faculties by e-mail or telephone of the date of your departure from the affected area and the name of that area.

3. Students affected are advised to spend the incubation period of two weeks in their home, without getting engaged with others, where appropriate and possible.

4. In case of a suspected illness, please contact your General Practitioner by e-mail or telephone.

5. Please refrain from travelling to the territories affected by the coronavirus mentioned above.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

University of Szeged