Brief history of the Constitutional Law Department


The Department of Public Law and Administrative Law was already part of the University Kolozsvar at the moment of its foundation. In 1908 the administrative and financial law had separated and became independent. The Department of Constitutional Law had great individuals in own teachers and intellectual attraction, therefore Ödön Polner (1865-1961), István Csekey (1889-1963), István Bibó Jr. (1911-1979), József Szabó (1909-1992), István Kovács (1921-1991) and István Szentpéteri (1926-2002).

Based on their activity have became traditional general and some period detailed examination and teaching of the comparative constitutional law, the contact points of the public law and sociology of law, the parliamentary law and the development of constitution in the faculty. Part of their intellectual heritage is a wide-ranging looking out which in their works realised about the world’s legal systems. Destination of today’s successors is the efforts of challenge of present constitutional law open reception by the way of teaching, PhD training, searching, international cooperation and organising of scientific student research groups.

The Department of Constitutional Law takes part in teaching of full-time, correspondence education, bring up of research workers, publication activity in the same way in the university’s public.

The most important mission of the Department, by own traditionals, is the examination of development of constitution, with a special approach of comparative constitutional law.

Moreover, our scientific research group publish an essay volume every year to enhance the students’ interest in academic career, and provide them advance in the labour market.


This project is funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme