History of the Faculty of Law


In 10th of October 1921 the university education in Szeged has begun. Since the eighteenth century there was constantly among the city’s priorities, the claim for founding a university, which institution could become the knowledge-center of the great Lowland regarding its cultural and national values. This desire realized as a consequence of the Treaty of Trianon, when, the successor of the Cluj-Napoca Jesuit College founded by István Báthory in 1581, the University of Franz Joseph moved to Budapest, then finally and irrevocably to Szeged. Regarding our Faculty, some of the great professors were László Búza, Barna Horváth, István Ereky or Ödön Polner.

In the early autumn of 1940 the university was replaced to Cluj-Napoca, and in Szeged a new university, namely University of Miklós Horthy, was founded with four faculties, which began its functioning in 12th of November 1940, in the same buildings, with the same institutions, which was taken over by it around twenty years ago. However, the full re-moving to Cluj-Napoca affected only the academic teachers of the Faculty of Law, who mostly got appointment, to Cluj-Napoca. Consequently, the functioning of the Faculty in Szeged was temporarily terminated. The university (in legal terms, under the Act of Parliament XXVIII. in 1940, it was a newly founded university), named after the Governor Miklós Horthy, functioned with three faculties. At the end of the World War II the University of Franz Joseph - after losing Cluj-Napoca - was forced to move to Szeged again. After the front adjourned, the university life - thanks to the organization of the democratic political life in the city - started up very quickly. From the autumn of 1945, the Faculty of Law, after it was terminated since 1940, began to function in Szeged again.

On the 1st of January 2000, in the framework of higher education integration process a uniform University of Szeged was established by the integration of institutions functioned in Szeged, namely Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College, Food Industrial College of Szeged, Conservatory of Music, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (along with the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and College-faculty of Health Sciences), University of Attila József, which included the three traditional faculties and in addition to those, the Faculty of Business, which set off from the Faculty of Law, further Agricultural College, resided in Hódmezővásárhely. As a result of this integration process the Faculty of Law of Political Sciences became one out of eleven, at the beginning, and currently twelve, faculties of University of Szeged.


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