2022. January 19., Wednesday

The University of Szeged is the most successful institution in Europe at the Erasmus Programme

The University of Szeged is the best European institution on the basis of outgoing academic mobility of the programme. More than 1% of all European mobility projects were implemented by the SZTE with its more than 360 trips. Based on the outgoing student mobility the SZTE is the most active rural institution of the country.

The University of Szeged, which is also ranked as the best Hungarian University by QS World University Rankings, has achieved an outstanding result at the Erasmus Programme in the past few years. Among the classic European higher education mobility application - when higher educational mobility is implemented within the EU - the SZTE is the best European institution by accomplishing 368 outgoing academic mobility. More than 2200 active projects took place in Europe in the field of outgoing higher education staff mobility for the 2016 period. From which the University of Szeged alone accounted for more than 1% of the mobility of these projects. Most of the academic staff travelled from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with the most popular destinations being Romania, Italy, Germany and France.

The accomplished motilities not only contribute to the internationalization of the institute but also supports the growth and development of the quality of education and professional life of faculty members. Moreover, it increases the number of student mobility indirectly.

In 2017 a record number of students took part in the Erasmus+ program, assisting around 800 thousand young students in studying and participating in voluntary work abroad - stated the European Commission. Approximately 17,400 people travelled abroad from Hungary to study in 2017, among them was 4,300 students and trainees.

When it comes to Hungarian universities out of Budapest, most of the students (328 students) travelled abroad from the University of Szeged within the Erasmus program. The largest number of students who took advantage of the opportunity offered by the mobility program were from the faculty of Medicine. The most popular destination was Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Finland and France.

The University of Szeged holding a European Quality Award (EFQM) is collaborating with 510 partner universities in 30 countries in the framework of the Erasmus programme. More than 1,000 bilateral contracts provide international training for students and the opportunity to gain experience abroad.