2022. January 28., Friday

The University of Szeged Takes a Leading Position in Clinical Research

The University of Szeged became one of the most distinguished institutes in conducting clinical researches in the world. Thanks to the Pfizer INSPIRE Clinical Testing facility qualification, clinics in Szeged can carry out innovative tests which help patients to recover and strengthen their national health care system.

On 14th of February, the University of Szeged signed a cooperation agreement with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Kft. The purpose of the cooperation is to promote pharmaceutical research and development, thus supporting the healing of domestic patients. The collaboration in the field of clinical research improves the research and capacity development of the University of Szeged. Also contributes to increasing the number of clinical drug test trials.


‘In October 2018, the University of Szeged was awarded with the Pfizer INSPIRE Clinical testing facility (INSPIRE Clinical Trial Site) evaluation, hence it became a prominent network of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Kft. As part of the partnership, Pfizer offers the priority of clinical tests to the INSPIRE program and those clinical test sites which are taking part in the program, leading to a significant increase in the expected numbers of the received clinical tests sponsored by Pfizer’ said Dr. Judit Fendler, Chancellor of the University of Szeged concerning the agreement.


‘Clinical trials are of high value for Hungarian health care and patients’ emphasized Dr. Péter Vereckei, Managing Director of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Kft. He added that the University of Szeged has already conducted 35 successful examinations and that the agreement would further strengthen cooperation. ‘We bring studies to Szeged that represent the greatest innovation, the most significant values and the greatest hope for patients. In the future, 11 new clinical tests will be available at the University of Szeged, mainly in the field of oncology and systemic inflammation.


Mr. Balázs Bende, Head of the Department of Clinical Trials at the University of Szeged, called the agreement historically significant. He said that there are currently 7 clinical tests with Pfizer. Thanks to the agreement, patients get the most advanced and innovative therapies, long before they become public. He added that in many cases this is an opportunity for patients not only to prolong but also to save their lives. However, this cannot be achieved without the knowledge and the proper infrastructure of professionals working in the clinics in Szeged.


SZTEinfo-Erzsébet Gajzer

Photos: Anna Bobkó