2022. January 28., Friday

E-learning archive in the University Library

A new collection was added to the repository of the Klebelsberg Library of the University of Szeged. The Repository of Educational Resources (ETA) is the central supporting system of electronic course materials created and developed at the University.

As part of the implementation of the University Open Online Education strategy, the purpose of the new archive is to ensure long-term preservation, appropriate processing and provision of course materials.

Educational materials and aids, online educational packages, textbooks, presentations, lecture notes, visual images, videos and sound recordings for educational use are all available in the multi-disciplinary learning material archive. Students complete a course individually, study the required course content and even test their knowledge with the help of online materials. The archive provides valuable resources for those who are writing their thesis, taking a correspondence course or would like to study outside of their major.

About 500 course materials can be accessed in the continously expanding archive. Members of the academic staff are uploading new lecture notes and learning materials while library staff members are adding archived electronic materials, so the number of available e-learning materials is expected to double by the end of the year. The searchable platform offers course materials from all faculties and fields of study of the University. A detailed view of the materials is also available thanks to the thematic categorisation.

Bernadett Kocsis

Photo: Anna Bobkó