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Felkészítő Programok: 2022. április 7-12.

SZTE Állásbörze: 2022. április 12.



Whether you contract studies externally or perform your own research, it’s important to have confidence in your resources.

Partnering and collaborating with SOLVO brings you access to our in-depth expertise, our experience with regulatory-focused study design, and an ever-expanding portfolio of products and services to investigate transporter proteins and their impact on ADME/Tox.

Since SOLVO’s inception in 1999, our commitment to transporter research is still going strong, evidenced by a dedicated R&D team and 90+ peer reviewed publications to date. In addition to posters and publications, we gather thought leaders from industry and academia to present webinars and focused workshops on new transporter and related scientific discoveries, provide invited lectures at conferences, and conduct one-to-one consultative discussions with small and large companies worldwide.

Whether you need basic screening, custom assay development, regulatory-purposed studies, or advanced mechanistic investigations, we can help. We also perform collaborative research projects for customers worldwide, who leverage our knowledge to pursue their unique research objectives. SOLVO is a strong collaborative research partner who brings focused scientific expertise and a strong understanding of regulatory guidelines to your projects.

We invite you to talk with us to see how the experts at SOLVO can contribute to the success of your team.