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Felkészítő Programok: 2022. április 7-12.

SZTE Állásbörze: 2022. április 12.


About Play’n GO

Before Play’n GO was officially created, an idea was born. It was a bold and daring idea; the idea that not only could we provide more entertaining content, and more reliable tools, to the industry, but that we could also optimise them for a brighter future of gaming.

This was true when we were born and, over a decade later, we are leading the industry with our products. We have carefully crafted and created a portfolio over 150 well-loved games, enjoyed by millions across the world. With our compatibility in over 15 jurisdictions globally, we supply games to the largest operators in the industry; one idea can work wonders.

As pioneers in the industry, the challenge is always to be first in the market, which can mean leaping into the unknown. But, what keeps us ahead of the competition is our commitment to excellence and innovation. We were the first to brave a move into mobile gaming, pioneered concepts such as gridslot gaming, and we continue to create new and exciting ways to entertain players and give you everything you need, in One GO.

Company Vision

Even though we have positioned ourselves as one of the best gaming suppliers in the industry, our vision is still to continue entertaining and inspiring people to have fun. We are entertainers, first and foremost, and that will always shape what we do and where we go.

We have developed a vibrant and productive working environment throughout our offices, inspiring a positive atmosphere that enhances our relationships with our clients, and translates into our games, connecting us with the players that we entertain.

We abide by the three cornerstones of Play’n GO, our core values Quality, Trust and Energy. It is these three values that have led us to where we stand today and will continue to guide us throughout 2021 and beyond.


A strong package of benefits topped with our Play'n GO vibe. That's what we offer. We are aiming for nothing less than the very best in terms of Employee Experience. At Play'n GO, you can grow to excel.

• Play'n GO family

Even though Play’n GO has grown fast over the last few years we foster our family vibe. You’ll be part of a cool bunch of enthusiastic and friendly people from over 40 countries! Lovely different flavors sharing a common positive mindset. Yes, please bring your authentic self to work! And sure, every family has some issues. We take them on, solve things together and improve every day.

• Work-life

We believe in a healthy and good work/life balance with flexible ways of working (office, remote, hybrid) that provide you with the opportunity to solve your life puzzle. Because we know it's not always easy. You will find that same freedom and flexibility in our offices. Roam around, find the spot that fits your job and connect with anyone around.

• Benefits and more

We want to make sure you can perform at your best. Whether you’re working from home or at one of our fantastic offices around the world. You don’t have to worry about insurance, health benefits and so much more. We even throw in an extra ‘Birtholiday’ when that special day pops up. Need to pimp your home office? No problem, our Remote Work Benefit gives you the opportunity to make your virtual Play'n GO office stand out from the crowd.

• Our TEQ values

Trust, Energy, Quality. In that particular order . We want to be the best entertainment supplier in the world. A pretty big ambition and these 3 values are the cornerstones of that common goal. We trust each other. We love what we do and we put in the energy to push things forward. Always aiming for the highest possible quality. We hire the best and you can be part of our winning team.

• Expand your skill set

It's rewarding to improve your game. We provide you with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. We are tech lovers. So you can be sure to lay your hands on the latest technologies. Taking responsibility to get better at what you do every day and staying at the forefront of our industry, in every aspect. Whatever your passion is. A yearly training budget is an extra push to grow. Will there be exciting and inspiring challenges along the way? You bet! Ready to move forward together?

• Play it cool ;-)

Hey, we are in the entertainment business. So there is definitely room for creativity and fun! Both in real life and virtually. Don't expect a typical corporate environment. We like to give things that special Play'n GO 'zing' and you can be part of that unique Play'n GO vibe! With regular social gatherings, celebrations and surprises that make a bright day even better.

• Growth path

New markets, more high quality games, an expanding team. Our track record has been quite stunning over the past years. In the last decade we've evolved from a start-up with 20 people to a strong - and awarded - player in the global iGaming business with almost 500 team members on board. We have the strong ambition to continue on this path and adapt if needed. We take legal compliance seriously. For our employees, our partners and customers.

Got interested?

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