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Felkészítő Programok: 2022. április 7-12.

SZTE Állásbörze: 2022. április 12.


HTEC Group, a US Technology Company, Opens Its First Development Center in Hungary

The company will commit to job creation, talent development and investment in the local market.

US technology consulting and development company from San Francisco, HTEC Group, announced the opening of its first Development Center in Hungary and its commitment to bringing new career opportunities to the local market, starting in Szeged.

HTEC Group is a fast-growing company that provides world class engineering, R&D, consulting, as well as product design and innovation services in a wide range of industries such as retail, transportation, logistics, medtech, fintech, hi-tech and others. HTEC currently employs close to a 1000 engineers across its development centers in South Eastern Europe.


As one of the main sponsors of this year’s Szeged Job Fair, HTEC Group will present exciting projects, cutting-edge technologies and career development opportunities available to engineers, designers, project managers, product owners and other professionals in Szeged.

HTEC will also present its Junior Development Program (JDP), uniquely designed to help young professionals get fully immersed in the full software development process. Each individual is given both a Mentor to assist them with the technical side of the project, and a Buddy—a senior teammate whose job is to onboard them and introduce them to the company’s culture.

The program includes special training with attention to each individuals’ unique skills and interests. It lasts for three months after which participants are evaluated and possibly offered long-term employment with outstanding career development opportunities.

“Other companies have mentorship programs, but the buddy program that HTEC has developed really made a difference for me. Knowing that I have a senior colleague I can always go to when I have a question, whether it’s project, career or people related—there are no stupid questions. My buddy made me feel like a valuable team member from day one. I’m excited to be one of the first people to join HTEC’s Szeged team and help grow the team and myself from the ground up.”—says Igor Takacs, a React Native Engineer at HTEC Group.


Bojan Djuric, who is managing HTEC’s expansion into Hungary, commented on the fact that all teams are distributed and everyone is given equal opportunity for personal and career growth: “The company makes no difference where you are or which team or project you’re working on, as long as you show commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to learn and grow, but also to help others grow.”


HTEC is hiring professionals on all seniority levels—engineers, developers, project and product managers, designers, domain experts, business and HR consultants. Anyone interested in joining HTEC’s team can see open positions on this link.