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Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Music are involved in the study field of Arts and Humanities.


The scientific acclaim of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Szeged is not only shown by the great variety of the courses it offers, but also by the fact that its 5 doctoral schools offer PhD after successfully completing doctoral studies. One of our foremost objectives is to train people who can contribute to the building of our community and the maintenance of our environment as responsible intellectuals of the future. To achieve this, it is paramount to familiarize ourselves with our historical legacy and traditions, while remaining open and maintaining curiosity towards the cultures of both Europe and the world. We are fiercely proud that the Faculty of Humanities has been acknowledged by QS rankings as the ’Best Faculty in Hungary’ in 2019.

arts and humanitiesFaculty of Music dates back over 125 years and is one of the leading musical higher education institutions in Hungary. It has an outstanding international reputation and is well noted for its musical excellence. The Faculty of Music had operated as part of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music until 1998, and soon after became the 11th faculty of the University of Szeged. In addition to offering Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Performance, our international performing faculty ensures that the long legacy and rich traditions of Hungarian music is carried on.



SZTE_jelentkezok_2019The University of Szeged offers the following programmes in the fields of Arts and Humanities

  1. 6 BA programmes
  2. 10 MA programmes
  3. 5 PhD programmes
  4. 4 preparatory programmes
  5. Programmes are in English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Spanish)


The University of Szeged offers


Student Life

Students studying Arts and Humanities come from 48 countries are represented, 171 international students.

Student life at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies

Konyvtar_-_szamitogepekOur international students commence the academic year by attending the orientation week organized by the faculty to welcome them. During this week students participate in an intercultural sensitivity training that prepares them for working with Hungarian and other foreign cultures. They can apply these skills at student dormitories where they might stay. Since these only have a limited number of places available, the international staff, their mentors help the students find a flat that they can share with other students, if needed. Besides their coordinators, students can count on their mentor as well, a Hungarian student that helps them with daily affairs and informs them about the numerous programs that our faculty and city offer. Regardless of the program they are in, our students may deepen their knowledge of Hungary by attending Hungarian language and culture classes. Our students can also explore the cultural and sports facilities, and they can enjoy the different festivals and concerts in the city.


Student life at the Faculty of Music

Students with Hungarian Governmental Scholarship are accommodated in students' dormitory. They are also assisted with the mentor system of ESN Szeged. The Faculty of Music organizes high-standard concerts and masterclasses with noted performers for students.


Career Opportunities

arts and humanitiesGraduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences usually choose their careers in in cultural and public administration, tourism, international business, teaching, translation, journalism, academia, editing, diplomacy, international relations, media, project management or local government.

Graduates of the Faculty of Music pursue careers in orchestras, in chamber groups, or as solo artist.


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How to Apply?

Application Step by Step

  1. Choose your programme and read the programme description on our website. Each descriptions includes a direct link to the online application platform.
  2. Click on Apply Now button in the programme description and sign up for the online application platform.
  3. Fill in the online application form, upload the necessary documents and make sure to pay the application fee.
  4. Check your mailbox regularly. The system will remind you to complete the tasks.


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