Process Mining Fundamentals for StudentsProcess Mining Fundamentals for Students

This summer we have something exciting and special planned for students who want to learn about Process Mining. We are hosting an Online Certification called “Process Mining Summer School - Get Job Market Ready"

The Online Summer School aims to make students ready for a data-driven professional future and includes the following elements:

  • Self-Paced Mandatory Online Training in the Process Mining Fundamentals Training Track
  • Optional Live Kickoff with Celonis to settle get you ready and set up for the class
  • Optional Attendance of Speaker events with big players in the digitalisation sphere like ServiceNow and Capgemini to hear about the skills needed in the consulting and IT world
  • Live Kick-off with Celonis on 27 June 2022
  • Careers at Celonis Info Session

Students interested in the Summer School can register by signing up to our Process Mining Fundamentals Track before 20 June: https://academy.celonis.com/learn/learning-path/process-mining-fundamentals-for-students

If this could be a nice summer experience for your students we would be grateful if you could forward the information to them!

Looking forward to the Summer School!

Deatails: https://academy.celonis.com/learning-paths/process-mining-fundamentals-for-students